Netflix Instant Streaming and DVD Release Dates

Netflix logoHere you have it! 2019 Netflix Instant Streaming and DVD release dates as they become available (you can find 2011 here,  2012 here, 2013 here 2014 here, 2015 here 2016 here, 2017 here, and 2018 here).  I’ll add to it every week as information becomes available. One Stop Shopping for Netflix Release Dates. Gotta love it.

You can tell at a glance which content is available to you, depending on your subscription plan.  Red Subheadings tell you if the titles are DVD or Instant Streaming, U.S. or Canada. Green Subheadings are for Amazon Prime Instant Streaming titles. You’ll find some TV series on Hulu, AcornTV, Networks, and other platforms information in Pink. I can only include selected Canadian Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu titles – TV series and hot new movies. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to put in more! If you’re wondering about something, leave a comment and I’ll try to dig it up.  Here’s how you can tell which content is available on your plan:

DVD Only = Available to rent only for those with a DVD subscription.  This is going to be most new movies.  Quite a bit of TV starts out this way and streams later (and some movies).

Instant Streaming Only = Available only for those with an Instant Streaming subscription.  Netflix Exclusives tend to start out here and maybe become available on DVD later.

Instant Streaming Available = Available for all subscription types!  This is content that you can rent on a DVD or stream instantly.  The Holy Grail of Netflix content.

With no further ado, fire up your DVD player (or your Roku 3, Fire Stick or Xbox), and here are your release dates! 

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2019 Netflix Releases

Coming in May

Better Call Saul – Season 4 (DVD 5/7 – this one streams, but I don’t have a date yet)

Liar – Season 1 (DVD 5/7)

Call the Midwife – Series 8 (DVD TBD – this is a streamer but I don’t have a date yet)

Outlander – Season 4 (DVD TBD)

Coming in April

Baki – Part 2 (Streaming 4/30)

Vikings – Season 5 (Amazon Prime Video 4/30)

April 29th

Netflix Canada

Wonder Woman (action, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine) – Lucky Canada! Enjoy streaming Wonder Woman! Canada Streaming Only (you can only get it with a DVD subscription in the U.S.)

April 28th


Senora Acero – Season 5 (Mexican TV drama, Aurora Gil, Oscar Priego) – Spanish language soap opera about a woman who takes over her late husband’s (not legal) business in order to take care of her son. This is the final season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 27th

Amazon Prime Video

Humans – Season 3 (TV sci-fi, Gemma Chan, Emily Berrington) – There’s still no word on whether this AMC show will be renewed for a fourth season, but if you have Amazon Prime Video you can stream season 3! I had it on my Netflix DVD queue and was really glad to see it turn up on Amazon. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix DVD Only

April 26th


The Protector – Season 2 (Turkish TV action, Çagatay Ulusoy, Ayça Aysin Turan) – This Turkish language series is sci-fi/fantasy about modern day Istanbul and a young man who must save it from an ancient evil. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

She-Ra and the Princess of Power – Season 2 (kids’ animation, Aimee Carrero, AJ Michalka) – It’s a bummer when your best friend stays with the evil horde. I remember She-Ra from my own childhood, somehow I think she’s probably changed a bit. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Street Food – Season 1 (docuseries) – Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, a series about amazing street food and the people who make it around the world. Yum! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Yankee – Season 1 (Mexican TV thriller, Ana Layevska, Pamela Almanza) – Spanish language series about a man who goes to Mexico and becomes a drug lord. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Remastered: At the Crossroads (documentary) – The latest edition in this series of musical documentaries is about Robert Johnson. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 24th


Bonding – Season 1 (TV comedy, Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell) – Dominatrix grad student has gay high school best friend as assistant. I have so many questions. Like, is she a dominatrix to put herself through school? Is she in dominatrix school? So many questions. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 23rd


I Think You Should Leave – Series 1 (comedy special, Tim Robinson, Andy Samberg, Sam Richardson) – This is a sketch comedy series with lots of guest stars. Could be funny! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Shameless – Season 9 (TV dramedy, Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy) – I love the Gallaghers! Shameless is a Netflix streamer, but I don’t know the date yet. The show has been renewed for a 10th season, but season 9 is the last one with Emmy Rossum as Fiona. DVD Only, for now.

A Place to Call Home – Season 6 (TV drama, Marta Dusseldorp, Brett Climo) – This is an Australian show about a nurse coming home in the 1950s after 20 years in Europe. It is DVD Only on Netflix and the only place you can stream it without paying per episode is on Acorn TV. This is the final season.

Masterpiece: The Durrells in Corfu – Season 3 (TV drama, Keeley Hawes, Josh O’Connor) – This British show about a family moving from England to Greece in the 1930s is DVD Only on Netflix. You can stream it on the PBS site if you’re a member of your local station, and can find seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

Escape Room (horror, Taylor Russell McKenzie, Logan Miller) – Those escape room outings are so ripe for horror – I expect many movies and TV episodes about them until the fad dies. DVD Only

Destroyer (thriller, Nicole Kidman, Tatiana Maslany) – This crime drama has a great cast including Bradley Whitford and Sebastian Stan, and got some good reviews for Kidman’s performance (she was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role). I’ll give it a shot. DVD Only

Bisbee ’17 (documentary) – This doc looks at Bisbee, Arizona, where residents re-enact the 1917 forced deportation of 1,200 immigrant workers who were left in the desert. DVD Only

Naples in Veils (Italian thriller, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Alessandro Borghi) – Italian language romantic thriller about a tryst and a death. Italian title: Napoli Velata. DVD Only

Hagazussa (German thriller, Aleksandra Cwen, Celina Peter) – German language 15th century gothic horror about a goatherd, magic, and psychosis. DVD Only

The Happy Prince (drama, Rupert Everett, Colin Firth) – Written and directed by Rupert Everett, this is a period piece about the last years in the life of Oscar Wilde. DVD Only

April 22nd


Selection Day – Season 2 (Indian TV drama, Yash Dholye, Subrat Dutta) – This Hindi language series is about talented young cricket players in Mumbai. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Pinky Malinky – Part 2 (TV family animation, Franciska Friede, Danny Jacobs) – This series is about a hot dog living his best life in a human world. I’m totally not kidding. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 20th


Grass Is Greener (documentary) – Yes, this is a weed documentary airing on 4/20. Well played, Netflix, well played. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 19th


Cuckoo – Season 5 (TV comedy, Greg Davies, Taylor Lautner) – Andie McDowell joins the cast of this British comedy for its fifth season. I’m not seeing any indication of a 6th season yet. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Samantha – Season 2 (Brazilian TV comedy, Emanuelle Araujo, Douglas Silva) – Portuguese language series about an 80s child star looking to get back in the limelight. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Rilakkuma and Kaoru – Season 1 (Japanese TV anime) – This family friendly anime about a woman whose roommate is a stuffed bear is dubbed in English. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

A Fortunate Man (Danish drama, Esben Smed, Katrine Rosenthal) – Danish language period piece about a prideful young man searching for wealth in 19th century Copenhagen. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Brene Brown: The Call To Courage (documentary) – I’m not really sure what this documentary is about. The title star talks about “what it takes to choose courage over comfort.” Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Music Teacher (Indian drama, Divya Dutta, Neena Gupta) – Hindi language story of a small town music teacher coming to terms with the success of a former student. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Someone Great (comedy, Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow) – Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez stars in this rom/com about a woman spending a night with friends while dealing with a bad break-up. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Video

Bosch – Season 5 (TV drama, Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector) – This Amazon original police procedural series is based on a character created by author Michael Connelly. It’s one that is on my list. Amazon Prime Video Only

April 18th


My First First Love (Korean TV romance, Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon) – When a teenager’s friends move into his house, romance ensues. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 17th


Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce (biographical documentary) – Y’all are lucky I checked my Twitter this morning, or I would have missed this. I do not have my finger on the pulse of the Coachella music scene. But here is Beyonce, and an in depth look at her 2018 performance at the music festival. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 16th


Super Monsters Furever Friends (family animation, Elyse Maloway, Vincent Tong) – Cute little animated monsters meet their new pets on the first day of spring. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Band Aid (comedy, Zoe Lister Jones, Adam Pally) – I love Zoe Lister Jones on Life in Pieces – here she plays half of a bickering couple that forms a band. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Jonathan (sci-fi, Ansel Elgort, Suki Waterhouse) – Brothers share a body, and both fall for the same woman. I want to see this for the sheer weirdness of it all. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Antidote (action, Randy Couture, Chuck Zito) – Doctors and a scientist try to solve mysterious deaths in the Mexican jungle. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Buffalo Boys (action, Ario Bayu, Pevita Pearce) – Indonesian brothers want to avenge their father’s death after 20 years in California in this 19th century period piece. It is English language. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Rust Creek (thriller, Hermione Corfield, Jay Paulson) – A wrong turn on the way to a job interview turns into a fight for survival. DVD Only

DVD Subscribers

Masterpiece: Victoria – Season 3 (TV drama, Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes) – This look at Queen Victoria’s early years is DVD Only on Netflix. The only place I can find it streaming is if you have a subscription at a certain level to your local PBS affiliate. Otherwise it’s all rentals or purchases. No word yet on a fourth season.

Masterpiece Mystery!: Unforgotten – Season 2 (TV drama, Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar) – This series about London detectives investigating cold cases is DVD Only on Netflix. But seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video and season 3 is currently airing on PBS.

Mary Poppins Returns (family, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda) – This is cute and Emily Blunt is marvelous, but it’s similar enough to the original to be a touch boring. See Mrs. Norman Maine’s review. DVD Only

Glass (thriller, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson) – Yes, I will see this M. Night Shyamalan mash-up of Unbreakable and Split. I’ve invested four hourts in watching the first two, I might as well go all in (but I am absolutely prepared to be disappointed). DVD Only

Replicas (sci-fi, Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve) – Oh, Keanu, why are you dabbling in cloning? This can’t end well. DVD Only

The Kid Who Would Be King (family adventure, Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Tom Taylor) – An English school boy finds King Arthur’s Excalibur and a world of trouble. With an adult cast that includes Patrick Stewart I don’t think I can resist. DVD Only

April 15th


No Good Nick – Season 1 (TV family, Siena Agudong, Lauren Lindsey Donzis) – A young woman shows up on the doorstep claiming to be a relative. She’s a grifter. Also with Sean Astin and Melissa Joan Hart. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Luis Miguel – Season 1 (docuseries, Diego Boneta, Óscar Jaenada) – Bio-doc series about the life of the Mexican singer Luis Miguel. Instant Streaming Only

The New Romantic (comedy, Jessica Barden, Hayley Law) – Student loans plus a lack of love life lead new college grad to look for a sugar daddy. Ew. Instant Streaming Only

April 12th


Huge in France – Season 1 (TV comedy, Gad Elmaleh, Scott Keiji Takeda) – Famous comedian leaves France for L.A., only to discover he isn’t as famous as he thought. This looks funny. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Mighty Little Bheem – Season 1 (kids’ animation) – This show from India is all about a very strong and very mischievous toddler. It is English language. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Special – Season 1 (TV comedy, Ryan O’Connell, Jesica Hecht) – A young gay man with CP looks to expand his horizons. This one is based on a memoir – it looks good! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island (Spanish drama, Maria Pedraza, Jaime Lorente) – Spanish language film about a group of roommates celebrating their last night together. Obviously there are secrets to be spilled. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Silence (thriller, Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka) – Also with Miranda Otto. This is sort of the A Quiet Place world, with monsters who hunt by sound, but with the addition of a mysterious cult. I’ll give it a shot if only for the really good cast. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Perfect Date (teen romance, Noah Centineo, Laura Marano) – Yes, that is the boy from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Yes, he still looks like teenaged Mark Ruffalo. Yes, every young girl in the world will be watching this romantic comedy. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

A Land Imagined (Chinese drama, Peter Yu, Liu Xiaoyi) – Mandarin language film noir about the disappearance of a man in Singapore who spent all his time playing video games. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Video

Diablo Guardian – Season 2 (TV drama, Paulina Gaitán, Adrián Ladrón) – Spanish language series about a woman who leaves Mexico for New York and discovers it is not as she dreamed. Amazon Prime Video Only

April 11th


Black Summer – Season 1 (TV thriller, Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary) – A new zombie show! And these dudes look fast, which changes the whole game. I’ll give it a shot. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable


The Last Ship – Season 5 (TV drama, Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin) – This viral apocalypse drama is DVD Only on Netflix, but you can find it streaming on Hulu. Season 5 is the last.

April 10th


The New Girl – Season 7 (comedy, Zoe Deschanel, Jake Johnson) – I always thought I would hate this show, but it’s really quite cute and quirky. This is the last season of just eight episodes. Instant Streaming Only

You Vs. Wild – Season 1 (reality TV, Bear Grylls) – It’s another interactive show! This time you get to make choices in order to help Bear survive in harsh environments. This is promoted as kids’ TV, so I suspect the choices will be more tame than those in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Instant Streaming Only

April 9th


Trolls: The Beat Goes On! – Season 6 (family animation, Amanda Leighton, Skylar Astin) – This is the kind of troll everyone can love! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Basement (horror, Mischa Barton, Tracie Thoms) – A serial killer/abduction/multiple personality slasher movie. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Great Battle (foreign action, Jo In-sung, Nam Joo-hyuk) – Korean language recreation of a 7th century battle against Chinese invaders. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 5 (TV comedy, Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher) – My love for Andre Braugher is in a constant fight with my baseless dislike of Andy Samberg when it comes to this show. This is the last of the Fox seasons, NBC picked it up for a sixth and seventh (maybe more). DVD Only

Welcome to Marwen (drama, Steve Carell, Leslie Mann) – I saw the documentary of this story, I’m curious to see the dramatized version. DVD Only

Holmes & Watson (comedy, Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly) – I don’t know, Benedict Cumberbatch is my Holmes. I’ll wait for this to show up streaming somewhere. DVD Only

Masterpiece: Mrs. Wilson (TV drama, Ruth Wilson, Iain Glen) – Masterpiece mini-series (1 disc) about a new widow who finds out her husband had a whole lot of secrets. DVD Only

A Dog’s Way Home (family, Ashley Judd, Bryce Dallas Howard) – Based on the novel about a dog…making its way home. DVD Only

On the Basis of Sex (drama, Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer) – Biopic about a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With Armie Hammer. Swoon. DVD Only

Mirai (family animation, Haru Kuroki, Moka Kamishiraishi) – This Academy Award nominated anime can be watched in either Japanee or English (voiced by John Cho, Rebecca Hall). It’s about jealousy and the ties that bind. DVD Only

April 5th


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Part 2 (TV thriller, Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch) – I like this dark Archie comics show, I’m looking to see how Sabrina embraces her witch-hood this second season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Legacies – Season 1 (TV drama, Danielle Rose Russell, Matthew Davis) – This spin-off of The Originals is about Klaus’s teenage daughter and her supernatural classmates. Instant Streaming Only

Our Planet – Season 1 (documentary) – David Attenborough, narrator of so many fantastic nature documentaries, lends his talents to this series about how the natural world is affected by climate change. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Persona – Collection 1 (Korean TV drama, Lee Ji-eun, Bae Doona) – Korean language four part collection by four different Korean directors exploring different personas. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Roman Empire – Season 3: Caligula (docuseries, Sean Bean, Aaron Jakubenko) – Another season of Roman carnage via documentary combined with dramatic explorations. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Spirit Riding Free – Season 8 (family animation, Amber Frank, Sydney Park) – City girl in the country Amber continues her adventures with her horse and best friends. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Tijuana – Season 1 (Mexican TV drama, Damian Alcazar, Tamara Vallarta) – Spanish language series about journalists trying to find out who murdered a politician. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Unicorn Store (dramedy, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson) – Struggling artist adopts…a unicorn. Also with Joan Cusack. I will absolutely watch this. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Video

The Tick – Season 2 (TV action, Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman) – This Amazon original superhero series is back for a second season – no info on a third. Amazon Prime Video Only

April 4th

Netflix Canada

Star – Season 3 (musical drama, Jude Demorest, Brittany O’Grady) – The Wikipedia page for this Fox show says that episodes air in Canada a week after they air in the U.S, but this season aired last fall. So I’m not sure what the deal is, but this is the release date I found for the entire season. Canada Streaming Only

April 3rd


Suzzanna: Buried Alive (Indonesian horror, Luna Maya, Herjunot Ali) – Indonesian language chiller about a murdered woman haunting her killers. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 2nd


Kevin Hart: Irresponsible (comedy special) – Stand-up special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Man Who Killed Hitler and The The Bigfoot (action, Sam Elliott, Aidan Turner) – Okay, first the title. Second, it’s Sam Elliott. I can’t possibly not see this. DVD Only

My Brilliant Friend (Italian TV drama, Elisa del Genio, Ludovica Nasti) – This is an Italian language mini-series (2 discs) based on a series of novels chronicling an elderly woman’s recounting of her childhood friend who disappeared. DVD Only

The Mule (drama, Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper) – Will I see this story of an unwitting elderly drug mule just because Bradley Cooper’s in it? Maybe. DVD Only

Bumblebee (action, Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena) – Oh look! A Transformers prequel. Yikes. DVD Only

Vice (drama, Christian Bale, Amy Adams) – This is supposed to be great and has an amazing cast, but I don’t think I can bring myself to watch a Dick Cheney biopic. DVD Only

Amazon Prime Video

A Quiet Place (thriller, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt) – This is a GREAT movie! I plan to watch it several times. Amazon Prime Video Only

April 1st


Ultraman – Season 1 (Japanese anime, Ryohei Kimura, Takuya Eguchi) – Japanese language (you can watch it dubbed in English) anime about a superhero fighting an alien threat to Earth. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 31st


Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series – Season 1 (adult animation) – So this is the first season of the animated show, but apparently it picks up exactly where the 12th season of the regular show left off, with everyone turning into cartoons. I’ve never watched this – is that as bonkers as it sounds? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

El sabor de las margaritas – Season 1 (Spanish TV thriller) – I don’t know much about this one, but it’s Spanish language and about a Civil Guard officer and a missing girl. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 30th


How to Get Away With Murder – Season 5 (TV drama, Viola Davis, Billy Brown) – My daughter loves this show and one day I will binge it all. It has not officially been renewed for a sixth season, Instant Streaming Available

March 29th


Santa Clarita Diet – Season 3 (TV comedy, Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant) – I really like both Barrymore and Olyphant but made the mistake of watching too many episodes in a row when the first season of this zombie comedy came out. Bummer for me. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 10 episodes per season

On My Block – Season 2 (teen dramedy, Sierra Capri, Jason Genao) – L.A. teens try and maintain friendships as they begin high school. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 10 episodes per season

Osmosis – Season 1 (French TV sci-fi, Haviland Stillwell, Hugo Becker) – French language show about an implant designed to pair up soul mates. What could possibly go wrong? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Traitors – Season 1 (TV thriller, Emma Appleton, Michael Stuhlbarg) – A British series set in the 1940s, about an English woman helping and American hunt for a Russian spy. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

15 August (Indian comedy, Mrinmayee Deshpande, Adinath Kothare) – Marathi language comedy about zany mishaps, a romance, and India’s Independence Day. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Bayoneta (Mexican drama, Brontis Jodorowsky, Miriam Balderas) – Spanish language story of a Mexican boxer looking for redemption in Finland. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Highwaymen (drama, Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson) – Based on the true story of the rangers who tracked down Bonnie and Clyde. Also starring Kathy Bates. Count me in! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Legend of Cocaine Island (documentary) – A strange group goes after an urban legend about a bag of cocaine buried in the Caribbean. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Video

Hanna – Season 1 (TV action, Esme Creed-Miles, Joel Kinnaman) – This Amazon original, based on the 2011 movie, pairs The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos with newcomer Esme Creed-Miles. I will definitely be watching. Amazon Prime Video Only

March 28th


Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey – Season 2 (Japanese reality TV, Becky, Audrey, Mayuko Kawakita) – This is a Japanese language show about 14 people who go on a bus trip together in hopes of coming back with a romantic partner. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, seasons are 22 episodes

Netflix Canada

Suits – Season 7b (TV dramedy, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams) – People in Canada have definitely been waiting for this one! Lucky you guys, it doesn’t stream in the U.S. Canada Streaming Only

Jane the Virgin – Season 5 (TV dramedy, Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo) – I’m not sure when we’ll get this in the U.S. but it looks like Canada gets first dibs! This is its final season. Canada Streaming Only

March 26th


Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid (comedy special) – Netflix is getting a seriously huge array of stand-up specials in their repertoire. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Aquaman (action, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard) – I admit, the only reason I’ll be seeing this (and I will be seeing it) is because of Jason Momoa. I’ve had a crush since Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. DVD Only

If Beale Street Could Talk (drama, Kiki Layne, Stephan James) – Regina King won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in this period piece set in Harlem in the 1970s. DVD Only

MFKZ (anime action, Michael Chiklis, Giancarlo Esposito) – Dystopian superpowers animation for adults. DVD Only

Stan & Ollie (biography, Steve Coogan, John C. Reilly) – This biopic is about Laurel and Hardy’s 1953 farewell tour. I’m old enough to remember when there wasn’t much on weekend TV except for Laurel and Hardy reruns – I’ll give this a shot. DVD Only

Second Act (comedy, Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini) – I don’t remember seeing much about this when it came out in theaters. It’s about a woman proving to her employers that her lack of a college degree shouldn’t be holding her back. DVD Only

King of Thieves (drama, Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent) – Based on the true story of a major heist in London in 2015. Awesome cast. DVD Only

March 25th


Seven in Heaven (horror, Travis Tope, Haley Ramm) – A game of Seven Minites of Heaven turns into a paralell universe nightmare. I’m totally not kidding. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Tinker’ (sci fi, Clayne Crawford, Christian Kane) – A farmer makes a discovery that could change the world. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

All About Nina (dramedy, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Common) – An edgy stand-up comic meets a quiet man. Hilarity ensues? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Lez Bomb (comedy, Jenna Laurenzo, Caitlin Mehner) – Also with Bruce Dern and Cloris Leachman, the story of a woman who comes out to her family at Thanksgiving. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back) (comedy, Tom Wilkinson, Aneurin Barnard) – A British dark comedy about a suicidal young man and an assassin with a quota. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 22nd


The OA – Season 2 (TV sci-fi, Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs) – OMG how did I miss this earlier??? It released today, and I am SO EXCITED! If you’re new to this one, check out my review of Season 1 before you start. Thanks to kind readers Roger and Aimee for the heads up!

Carlo & Malik – Season 1 (Italian TV drama, Claudio Amendola, Jacopo Lo Conte) – A veteran police detective is partnered with a rookie investigating murders in Rome. Italian language, 12 episodes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Charlie’s Colorforms City – Season 1 (kids’ educational TV, Jacob Soley, Saara Chaudry) – I first read this as “Chloroform City” and was surprised to see animated geometric shapes. But yeah, it’s an educational kids’ show with brightly colored shapes having adventures – not a weird serial killer series. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Delhi Crime – Season 1 (Indian TV drama, Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang) – Hindi language series based on a real case. An investigator searches for the perpetrators of a gang rape. There are seven episodes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Historia de un crimen: Colosio – Season 1 (Mexican TV drama, Alejandro Cuétara, Orlando Moguel) – This Spanish language series is called Crime Diaries: The Candidate in English. It’s a true crime series about the 1994 assassination of a Mexican presidential candidate. There are 8 episodes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Most Beautiful Thing – Season 1 (Brazilian TV drama, Maria Casadevall, Pathy Dejesus) – Portuguese language series about a woman in 1950s Rio de Janeiro, deserted by her husband and making a life of her own. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Selling Sunset – Season 1 (reality TV, Romain Bonnet, Mary Fitzgerald) – This is a new series about LA real estate brokers selling to the very wealthy. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre (documentary) – The latest in the ReMastered series is about the 1975 killing of 3 members of the Irish band Miami Showband. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Mirage (Spanish drama, Adriana Ugarte, Chino Darín) – A Spanish language sci-fi drama about a woman who saves a child in the past, only to see the ripples of that act in her own time. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Dirt (biographical drama, Douglas Booth, Iwan Rheon) – A Motley Crue biopic based on their own book. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 21st


Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend (French documentary) – A French language bio-doc about soccer player Antoine Griezmann. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 19th


Amy Shumer Growing (comedy special) – I usually find her stand-up off puttingly vulgar. Maybe motherhood has changed that? I doubt it, but maybe! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Gunpowder – Season 1 (TV drama, Kit Harington, Peter Mullan) – A British series (perhaps a mini-series) about dissident Catholics and their plans during the reign of King James I. DVD Only

Becoming Astrid (Swedish drama, Alba August, Maria Bonnevie) – Swedish language biopic about the author of the Pippi Longstocking books. I loved those when I was a kid! DVD Only

The Quake (Norwegian action, Kristoffer Joner, Ane Dahl Torp) – Norwegian language sequel to The Wave. Takes place three years later when mini-quakes start threatening Oslo. DVD Only

Prospect (sci-fi, Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher) – Also starring Jay Duplass, this is about mining on an alien moon. I think I’ll give this one a shot. DVD Only, 1 hour 40 min

March 16th


Green Door – Season 1 (Taiwanese TV drama, Jam Hsiao, Bea Hayden Kuo) – Mandarin language show about a psychologist returning from the U.S. and setting up shop. Mysteries abound – about his past, his patients and more. There are six episodes in the season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 15th


Queer Eye – Season 3 (reality, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski) – Squeeeee! I love this show, I can’t wait to see what the crew is up to for this season of make-overs. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Arrested Development – Season 5b (TV comedy, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi) – Oh, the Bluths will never learn. Which is why we love them. I don’t know if there will be a sixth season or not. Instant Streaming Only downloadable

If I Hadn’t Met You – Season 1 (Spanish TV sci-fi, Pablo Derqui, Mercedes Sampietro) – Spanish language series about about a time traveling widower looking for a better timeline for his family. Cool. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Mafia Dolls – Season 2 (Colombian TV drama, Amparo Grisales, Carla Giraldo) – This Spanish language series had its first season in 2009, now it’s back for more soap opera-esque stories about women falling in and out of love with drug lords. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Robozuna – Season 2 (kids’ animation, Taylor Clarke-Hill, Tom Clarke-Hill) – A boy, his robot, a competition, a world that needs saving. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Turn Up Charlie – Season 1 (TV dramedy, Idris Elba, Piper Perabo) – A DJ tries to work his way back to the top while being a nanny to his friend’s daughter. I will DEFINITELY be watching this one. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

YooHoo to the Rescue – Season 1 (Korean kids’ TV, Kira Buckland, Ryan Bartley) – I think this Korean cartoon series is dubbed in English. It’s about magical YooHoo and his friends helping animals. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Love, Death & Robots – Season 1 (horror anthology, Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead) – Animated short stories from David Fincher and Tim Miller – horror, thriller, sci-fi. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Burn Out (French action, Olivier Rabourdin, Francois Civil) – French language film about a man who takes a job as a drug courier (probably on his superbike, that he races) to clear the debt of his child’s mother. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Dry Martina (Chilean dramedy, Antonella Costa, Patricio Contreras) – Spanish language film about a singer and a fan. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Girl (Belgian drama, Victor Polster, Arieh Worthalter) – French language story of a ballet dancer getting ready for gender confirmation surgery. Based on a true story. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Paskal (Malaysian action, Hairul Azreen, Ammar Alfian) – Malay language film based on real events, about an elite Malaysian naval unit. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Netflix Canada

RuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10 (reality) – Netflix U.S. doesn’t carry this one at all, on Streaming or on DVD. Enjoy the new season, Canada! Canada Streaming Only

Amazon Prime Video

Catastrophe – Season 4 (comedy, Sharon Horgan, Rob Delaney) – A short romance leads to a child and a couple who barely know each other. Amazon Prime Video Only

March 13th


Triple Frontier (action, Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac) – A heist movie about former special ops agents stealing from a drug lord. I’ll watch this. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 12th


Jimmy Carr: The Best of Ultimate Gold Greatest Hits (comedy special) – Filmed in Ireland, the comedian’s best jokes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Last Ship – Season 5 (TV drama, Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin) – Dystopian, post-apocalyptic drama series about a destroyer crew that survived a pandemic. This is the final season. DVD Only on Netflix, but you can catch it streaming on Hulu

Green Book (drama, Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali) – I hadn’t even heard of this one until it started winning awards – including the Best Picture Oscar. I’ll definitely be seeing this period piece about two men on a concert tour in 1962. DVD Only, 2 hours 10 min

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (animated action, Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson) – Animation isn’t my bag, but this won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and it’s showing up on a lot of top ten lists. DVD Only, 1 hour 57 min

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (fantasy, Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston) – Sadly, I slept through the fiorst Fantastic Beasts, so won’t be seeing this one until I’ve watched it properly. I do love Eddie Redmayne though. DVD Only, 2 hours 14 min

Mortal Engines (sci-fi, Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar) – Dystopian future with wheeled cities produced by Peter Jackson. I’m going to pass but only because there are about 50 dystopian future movies already in my queue. DVD Only, 2 hours 8 min

Piercing (thriller, Christopher Abbott, Mia Wasikowska) – Oh my. This dark comedy thriller is about a man who tries to kill a prostitute to avoid killing someone else, but is in for a surprise. I may have to see this just because the description is so weird. DVD Only, 1 hour 21 min

Tyrel (drama, Jason Mitchell, Christopher Abbott) – A weekend birthday party sees Tyler as the only black man in attendance. DVD Only, 1 hour 26 min

The Last Man (sci-fi, Hayden Christensen, Harvey Keitel) – A veteran with PTSD becomes a doomsday prepper. DVD Only, 1 hour 40 min

London Fields (thriller, Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thornton) – A clairvoyant sees her own death and is convinced she knows the murderer. DVD Only, 1 hour 58 min

Netflix Canada

Timeless – Season 2 (TV sci-fi, Abigail Spencer, Goran Visnjic) – I really enjoyed this time traveling show. It was cancelled after this second season but was given a wrap-up movie. This one doesn’t stream in the U.S., so Canada Streaming Only (I don’t know if that final movie is included in this season). 45 minute episodes

March 8th


After Life – Season 1 (TV comedy, Ricky Gervais, Tom Basden) – This is a dark comedy about a writer trying to cope with the death of his wife. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Bangkok Love Stories: Hey You! & Innocence (Thai TV romance) – I can’t find a whole lot about these Thai language series. I believe both are compilations of love stories taking place in and around Bangkok. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Formula 1: Drive to Survive – Season 1 (docuseries) – Following Formula 1 drivers, managers and more during a single season of racing. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Immortals – Season 1 (Turkish TV drama,Elçin Sangu, Kerem Bürsin) – Turkish language series about vampires, nightclubs, and the desire to be human. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Shadow – Season 1 (South African TV crime drama, Pallance Dladla, Khathu Ramabulana) – This is an English language series taking place in Johannesburg about a police officer who can’t feel pain. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Juanita (drama, Alfre Woodard, Adam Beach) – An overburdened mother of three adult kids decides to take a break, and a trip to Montana. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Lady J (French drama) – I can’t find many details about this French language story of a widow seeking revenge on a former lover. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Walk. Ride. Rodeo. (family, Missi Pyle, Alyvia Alyn Lind) – A paralyzed rodeo champion is determined to ride again. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Video

Costume Quest – Season 1 (animation, Gabriella Graves, Sloane Letourneau) – Based on a video game about kids unlocking magic with their imaginations. Amazon Prime Video Only

Tin Star – Season 2 (TV drama, Tim Roth, Christina Hendricks) – Great lead actors for this series about a British detective relocated to the Canadian Rockies. Amazon Prime Video Only

March 7th


The Order – Season 1 (TV drama, Jake Manley, Sarah Grey) – Oh, I like the looks of this one! It’s a YA series about werewolves and dark magic and secret orders. I will binge this one late at night so my family doesn’t judge me. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Doubt (drama, Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman) – This is an excellent 2008 drama that is arguably Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best performance. Definitely worth seeing. Instant Streaming Available

March 6th


Secret City – Season 2: Under the Eagle (TV drama, Anna Torv, Jacki Weaver) – This Australian series is about politics and journalism. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 5th


Christopher Robin (family, Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell) – I will admit that I didn’t make it through this one, but it’s really cute for families. Instant Streaming Available, 1 hour 44 min

DVD Subscribers

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 4 (TV horror, Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis) – Need more zombies? This is the series for you. The Walking Dead spin-off has a season 5 coming, probably this spring. DVD Only, 44 min episodes. You can find seasons 1-3 streaming on Hulu

Creed II (drama, Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan) – I may be the only person in the world who really doesn’t like the Rocky movies. But if you’re most people, here you go! DVD Only, 2 hours 10 min

The Clovehitch Killer (thriller, Dylan McDermott, Charlie Plummer) – What do you do if you think your dad is a serial killer? I’ll absolutely see this. DVD Only, 1 hour 50 min

Instant Family (comedy, Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne) – Also starring Octavia Spencer, this is a comedy about a couple who adopts three foster children. DVD Only, 1 hour 58 min

Ben is Back (drama, Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges) – Dysfunctional family drama about a young adult son returning to the fold. DVD Only, 1 hour 43 min

Of Fathers and Sons (Syrian documentary) – This Arabis language film has documentary director Talal Derki returning to Syria where he spends two years with a family of radical jihadists. DVD Only, 1 hour 39 min

Vox Lux (drama, Natalie Portman, Jude Law) – This is a great leading cast for a movie I hadn’t heard of! It’s about a singer who rose to fame from tragedy and now faces another. DVD Only, 1 hour 54 min

Burning (Korean drama, Ah In Yoo, Steven Yeun) – Korean language mysterious love triangle drama/thriller. DVD Only, 2 hours 28 min (wow, that’s long)

Prospect (sci-fi, Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher) – Also starring Jay Duplass, this is about mining on an alien moon. I think I’ll give this one a shot. DVD Only, 1 hour 40 min

Free Solo (documentary) – The cover art on this documentary about free rock climber Alex Honnold gives me vertigo! DVD Only, 1 hour 37 min, this picked up the Oscar for Best Documentary

The Favourite (comedy, Olivia Colman, Emma Stone) – This dark comedy also stars Rachel Weisz and Nicholas Hoult. It’s a period piece about royal bickering in 18th century England. Olivia Colman took home the Best Actress Oscar for this role. DVD Only, 1 hour 59 min

Welcome to Mercy (horror, Kristen Ruhlin, Lily Newmark) – Believe it or not, it can get worse than getting stigmata while traveling to Latvia as a single mom. DVD Only, 1 hour 44 min

March 1st


Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians – Season 1 (docuseries) – This series follows an Indian Premier cricket league team through the 2018 season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Larva Island – Season 2 (Korean cartoon, Hong Bum-ki, Eddy Lee) – This Korean cartoon about larva on a deserted island is in English. And what a weird concept, though it looks really cute. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Losers – Collection 1 (docuseries) – Profiles of athletes who dealt successfully with failure. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Northern Rescue – Season 1 (TV drama, William Baldwin, Kathleen Robertson) – A widowed search and rescue officer and his kids relocate to a rural area. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (biographical drama, Maxwell Simba, Chiwetel Ejiofor) – Based on the true story of a boy who built a wind turbine to combat famine in his Malawian village. This looks awesome. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 53 min

Your Son (Spanish drama, Jose Coronado, Ana Wagener) – SPanish language movie about a surgeon looking to avenge his son’s beating. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 43 min

River’s Edge (Japanese drama, Fumi Nikaidô, Ryô Yoshizawa) – Japanese language teen drama about high schoolers drawn into turbulent relationships and a mystery. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 58 min

Budapest (French comedy, Manu Payet, Jonathan Cohen) – French language tale of friends who start a business planning bachelor parties in Budapest. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 42 min

Amazon Prime Video

The Widow – Season 1 (TV drama, Kate Beckinsale, Charles Dance) – A woman goes to the Congo after her husband disappears and finds a lot of mysteries. This looks pretty good. Amazon Prime Video Only

February 26th


Transformer (documentary) – The story of Janae Kroc, a transgender woman who was a world record holding weight lifter before her transition. Instant Streaming Only

DVD Subscribers

Between Worlds (thriller, Nicolas Cage, Franka Potente) – Grieving trucker finds out his wife is possessing his girlfriend’s daughter. Wow. DVD Only, 1 hour 30 min

The Possession of Hannah Grace (horror, Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon) – Morgue working ex-police officer discovers pseudo zombie. I’m not kidding. DVD Only, 1 hour 26 min

Mary Queen of Scots (drama, Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie) – Historical drama about Mary Stuart. DVD Only, 2 hours 4 min

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (family, Keira Knightley, Mackenzie Foy) – Disney’s reimagining of The Nutcracker actually looks pretty cool. DVD Only, 1 hour 39 min

Speed Kills (thriller, John Travolta, Katheryn Winnick) – Speedboat racer/drug runner caught in his own web of deceit. This got absolutely horrible reviews. DVD Only, 1 hour 42 minutes

Netflix Canada

Shadowhunters: The Immortal Instruments – Season 3b (TV fantasy, Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood) – A girl goes into demon hunting after her mother disappears. This airs in the U.S. on Freeform TV, which used to be ABC Family. In the states you can catch all three seasons on Hulu, in Canada it’s Available on Netflix Streaming.

February 25th

Netflix Canada

Van Helsing – Season 3 (TV sci-fi, Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe) – As you might have guessed, this is about a vampire hunter. This time humans are the minority. Canada is getting this season before the U.S. Canada Streaming Only

February 22nd


Workin’ Moms – Season 1 (TV comedy, Catherine Reitman, Dani Kind) – This Canadian show is about four moms returning to work after maternity leave. There are actually three seasons of this show already, let’s hope Netflix pics up all three! Each season is 13 half hour episodes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown – Season 2 (TV reality, Angellica Bell, Tommy Banks) – A British cooking competition featuring families. I wonder if it’s as wonderful as Great British Baking Show? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, seasons are 12 one hour episodes

Suburra – Season 2 (Italian TV action, Alessandro Borghi, Giacomo Ferrara) – Rome, 2008, a clash between political and criminal forces. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, seasons are ten 45 minute episodes

Rebellion – Season 2 (TV drama, Brian Gleeson, Simone Kirby) – Irish period series set at the Easter Rising in 1916. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, seasons are five 50 minute episodes

Chef’s Table – Volume 6 (TV food and travel) – We continue our look at chefs around the world. Volumes are 4-6 episodes, each 45-50 minutes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Go! Viva a Tu Manera – Season 1 (Argentinian teen TV, Pili Pascual) – Spanish language show about a teenager going to an elite performing arts school. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Paddleton (comedy, Mark Duplass, Ray Romano) – This dark comedy is about a man with a terminal diagnosis looking for help ending his life. I will definitely watch it based on how much I like Mark Duplass and how much Ray Romano has grown on me over the years – seems like it will be a really good pairing. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 29 min

Firebrand (Indian drama, Usha Jadhav, Sachin Khedekar) – I don’t know much about this Marathi language film other than that it’s about relationships. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Paris Is Us (French drama, Noemie Schmidt, Gregoire Isvarine) – Romance and turmoil are in the offing for a young woman in this French language film. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 23 min

The Photographer of Mauthausen (Spanish drama, Mario Casas, Richard van Weyden) – Spanish language bio-drama about a photographer in a concentration camp in 1943 Germany. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 50 min

DVD Subscribers

Lords of Chaos (drama, Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen) – This is a heavy metal band drama based on the real life story of the band Mayhem. DVD Only, 1 hour 52 min

Amazon Prime Video

The Giant Beast The Is the Global Economy (docuseries, Kal Penn) – The director of The Big Short takes on a variety of big economic questions via host Kal Penn and celebrity guests. Amazon Prime Video Only

February 21st


The Drug King (Korean drama, Song Kang-ho, Cho Jung-seok) – Korean language story about a 1970s drug trafficker. 

Netflix Canada

Gomorrah – Season 2 (Italian TV drama, Marco D’Amore, Salvatore Esposito) – This Italian language series about the Naples mafia has been streaming in the U.S. for a while, now it’s Canada’s turn! Netflix Canada Streaming Available

February 20th

DVD Subscribers

A Star Is Born (drama, Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga) – Another reason to keep my DVD subscription! I missed this in theaters and am looking forward to what I hear are stellar performances. DVD Only, 2 hours 16 min

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (drama, Melissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant) – In a rare dramatic appearance, McCarthy plays a real life author who becomes a forger in the 70s and 80s. I absolutely want to see this. DVD Only, 1 hour 46 min

Columbus (drama, John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson) – I really like John Cho (he was great in Searching) – here he plays a Korean man coming to Ohio after his father falls into a coma, where he meets an aspiring young architect caring for her ailing mother. DVD Only, 1 hour 44 min

Overlord (horror, Wyatt Russell, Bokeem Woodbine) – 1944. Soldiers behind enemy lines. What supernatural awfulness have the Nazis conjured? I wonder if it’s zombies. DVD Only, 1 hour 50 min

Backtrace (action, Ryan Guzman, Sylvester Stallone) – Amnesiac robber undergoes hypnosis to find the money. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. DVD Only, 1 hour 27 min

The Last Race (documentary) – Stock car racing on Long Island. DVD Only, 1 hour 14 min

The Brawler (drama, Zach McGowan, Amy Smart) – Boxer Chuck Wepner biopic. DVD Only, 1 hour 35 min

Wildling (thriller, Bel Powley, Brad Dourif) – Oh, I love Brad Dourif! This abused child thriller also stars Liv Tyler and James Le Gros. DVD Only, 1 hour 32 min

Robin Hood (action, Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx) – If you like the actors, this could be fun. But it’s really nothing new, just a revamping of the classic. DVD Only, 1 hour 56 min

February 19th


Don’t Knock Twice (horror, Katee Sackhoff, Lucy Boynton) – If a demonic witch lives in a house, perhaps don’t knock at all…Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 33 min

Heal (documentary, Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza) – Mind/body healing doc. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 46 min

Outlawed (action, Adam Collins, Jessica Norris) – Former marine investigates a death. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 42 min

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings (Chinese action, Mark Chao, Shaofeng Feng) – Mandarin language period piece sequel set in the Tang Dynasty. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Malicious (horror, Josh Stewart, Bojana Novakovic) – That house is haunted, people. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 30 min

Anchor and Hope (comedy, Oona Chaplin, Natalia Tena) – Probably best not to choose a sperm donor while drunk. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 53 min

Viking Destiny (action, Will Mellor, Martyn Ford) – Princess gathers army to take back her rightful throne. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 30 min

Await Further Instructions (horror, Sam Gittins, Grant Masters) – Christmas morning isn’t as fun when your house is covered by some otherworldy blob thing. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 30 min

The Super (thriller, Val Kilmer, Patrick John Flueger) – Building super in Manhattan thinks he has it made until tenants start disappearing. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 28 min

Postcards From London (drama, Harris Dickinson, Richard Durden) – Teen heads from rural hometown to London and gets involved with male escorts and the London art scene. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 29 min

February 16th


Studio 54 (documentary) – This doc about the famous 1970s club has only been out on DVD for a little while, now it is Instant Streaming Available, 1 hour 38 min

February 15th


The Umbrella Academy – Season 1 (TV sci-fi, Aidan Gallagher, Cameron Britton) – (Super) powerful siblings reunite after the death of their father and find out the family has secrets. I will absolutely watch this. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 10 one hour episodes.

The Dragon Prince – Season 2 (family animation, Jack De Sena, Paula Burrows) – Two princes and an elf on an epic quest. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, each season is nine 25 minute episodes

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy – Season 1 (docuseries, Larry Charles) – Comedy writer and director goes looking for comedy in unusual places. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Yucatan (Spanish comedy, Luis Tosar, Rodrigo de la Serna) – Spanish language story of con artists competing for a lottery winner mark on a cruse ship. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 2 hours 9 min

The Breaker Upperers (comedy, Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek) – Women who break up with people for money until one of them starts to feel bad about it. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 30 min

Amazon Prime Video

Lorena – Limited Series (docuseries, Lorana Bobbitt, John Wayne Bobbitt) – This is a four part (each one hour) mini-series about the infamous crime that was part of the beginning of sensational 24 hour news coverage. Not sure why we need to revisit it, but here you go. Amazon Prime Video Only

February 14th


Dating Around – Season 1 (reality TV) – Each episode has one single person looking for someone they want ot have a second date with. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho (comedy special) – Actor Ken Jeong was a doctor before breaking into stand up comedy and eventually acting. He brings that all into his first Netflix special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 12th

DVD Subscribers

Bohemian Rhapsody (drama, Rami Malek, Ben Hardy) – This is why I keep my DVD subscription – can’t wait to see this before the Oscars! DVD Only, 2 hours 14 min

At Eternity’s Gate (drama, Willem Dafoe, Rupert Friend) – Vincent van Gogh biopic. DVD Only, 1 hour 50 min

Shoplifters (Japanese drama, Lily Franky, Sakura Andô) – Japanese language story about a group of outsiders living on the fringes of Tokyo. DVD Only, 2 hours 1 min

Nobody’s Fool (romantic comedy, Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter) – Ex-con sister suspicious of online boyfriend. DVD Only, 1 hour 50 min

The Front Runner (drama, Hugh Jackman, Vera Farmiga) – As much as I love Hugh (and the rest of this amazing cast, and director Jason Reitman) I just cannot bring myself to watch political drama. This Gary Hart biopic will sadly leave my queue. DVD Only, 1 hour 53 min

Bayou Caviar (drama, Cuba Gooding Jr., Famke Janssen) – Boxer turned bouncer turns blackmailer. DVD Only, 1 hour 51 min

February 11th


Flavorful Origins: Chaoshan Cuisine (Chinese TV food and travel) – Mandarin language series about this Chinese suisine, its origins and traditions. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Little Women (family, Sarah Davenport, Allie Jennings) – 2018 updated version of the March sisters’ tale. Instant Streaming Available, 1 hour 52 min

February 10th


Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj – Volume 2 (comedy, Hasan Minhaj) – This combination of stand-up and interviews, comedy and politics, was a hit last season. It will air one episode a week. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, there were seven 25 minute episodes in season 1.

February 9th


The Break – Season 2 (TV thriller, Yoann Blanc, Guillaume Kerbush) – French language series about a grieving detective drawn into a case in his home town. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, ten 50 minute episodes per season

February 8th


One Day At a Time – Season 3 (TV comedy, Justina Machado, Rita Moreno) – This remake of the 1970s sitcom has gotten some great reviews. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, thirteen 30 minute episodes per season

The Epic Tale of Captain Underpants – Season 2 (children’s animation, Nat Faxon, Jay Gragnani) – What kind of person would I be to leave Captain Underpants off the list?? A monster, that’s what kind! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, thirteen 25 minute episodes per season

Nailed It! Mexico – Season 1 (Mexican reality TV, Omar Chaparro, Anna Ruiz) – I really find this show sad, no matter the language or country. But if you dig watching these poor people fail, now you can do it in Spanish. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 30 minute episodes

Unauthorized Living – Season 1 (Spanish TV drama, Jose Coronado, Álex González) – Spanish language series about a drug cartel leader, his illness, and his search for a successor. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 13 one hour episodes, there is a second season.

ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke (documentary) – This is the latest in the ReMastered series of documentaries about influential points in music history. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 14 min

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History (comedy, Kevin Hart, Saniyya Sidney) – Comedy/educational family movie about black history heroes. I believe there are re-enactments here. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

High Flying Bird (sports drama, Andre Holland, Zazie Beetz) – An agent and a player looking to disrupt the big money structure of the NBA. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 30 min

The Tree of Blood (Spanish drama, Ursula Corbero, Alvaro Cervantes) – Spanish language movie about a couple whose families share a history filled with secrets. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 2 hours 10 min

Amazon Prime Video

White Dragon – Season 1 (TV thriller, John Simm, Anthony Wang) – This Amazon original series is about a professor who discovers his late wife’s secret life. Amazon Prime Video Only

February 6th

Amazon Prime Video

Hillary – Season 1 (TV drama, Andrew Munro, Dean O’Gorman) – This is a bio-series about the life of Sir Edmund Hillary. Amazon Prime Video Only

February 5th


Ray Romano: Right Here, Around the Corner (comedy special) – Ray Romano does stand-up for the first time in 23 years. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Deuce – Season 2 (TV drama, James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal) – This show about porn in the 1970s is DVD Only on Netflix (you can catch it on HBO), and has been renewed for one more season. The series will end after season 3 with 25 one hour episodes total.

Widows (thriller, Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez) – Thieves’ widows decide to pick up where their late spouses left off. DVD Only, 2 hours 9 min

The Sisters Brothers (comedy western, John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix) – 1850s hitmen brothers on a mission. One assumes that hijinks ensue. DVD Only, 2 hours 1 min

The Guilty (foreign thriller, Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage) – Danish language story of a police dispatcher trying to save a kidnapping victim. DVD Only, 1 hour 25 min

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (family animation, Benedict Cumberbatch, Pharrell Williams) – I could argue all day long that this did not need to be made, but it has Cumberbatch as the Grinch! I still won’t see it, but I do love him. DVD Only, 1 hour 26 min

The Girl in the Spider’s Web (thriller, Claire Foy, Sverrir Gudnason) – I’m definitely willing to give Claire Foy a chance to shine in the role of Lisbeth Salander in this new movie set in the world of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. DVD Only, 1 hour 55 min

A Private War (drama, Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan) – A great cast including Stanley Tucci for this biopic about foreign war correspondent Marie Colvin. DVD Only, 1 hour 50 min

John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection (documentary, John McEnroe, Mathieu Amalric) – A look at McEnroe from the POV of the French Open, which he never won. DVD Only, 1 hour 35 min

The Long Dumb Road (comedy, Tony Revolori, Jason Mantzoukas) – Congrats on a title that made me LOL – this is a goofy road trip story. DVD Only, 1 hour 31 min

Netflix Canada

Shameless – Season 8 (TV dramedy, William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum) – Enjoy the Gallagher hijinks, Canada! There is a 9th season coming. Canada Streaming Available

Amazon Prime Video

The Tunnel – Season 3 (TV crime thriller, Stephen Dillane, Clemence Poesy) – A bilingual (French/English) series about crimes committed in the Chunnel. This is the final season, Amazon Prime Video Only, there are 8-10 episodes per season, 45 minutes each

February 2nd


Bordertown – Season 2 (Finnish TV mystery, Ville Virtanen, Matleena Kuusniemi) – Finnish language series about a detective who takes a small town job only to discover there is more there than meets the eye. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, eleven 60 minutes episodes per season.

Romance is a Bonus Book – Season 1 (Korean TV dramedy, Lee Jong-suk, Lee Na-young) – This Korean language show about romance at a publishing company will air one episode a week. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, there are 16 episodes, I don’t know the runtime.

DVD Subscribers

Support the Girls (comedy, Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson) – Bar manager butts heads with the owner when she wants to do a fundraiser. DVD Only

February 1st


Always a Witch – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Angely Gaviria, Sebastian Eslava) – Spanish language show about a time traveling 17th century witch. Sweet! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 10 one hour episodes

Russian Doll – Season 1 (TV dramedy, Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett) – Oh my gosh this looks awesome! Lyonne is a woman who keeps dying and then reliving her own birthday party. Like a morbid Groundhog Day. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, eight 30 minute episodes

Free Rein: Valentine’s Day (family, Jaylen Barron, Joe Ashman) – I’m not sure if this is a one-off special or the beginning of a third season for this kids and horses series. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Velvet Buzzsaw (thriller, Jake Gyllenhaal, Renee Russo) – Satirical thriller about the world of expensive art and collectors. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

True: Happy Hearts Day (children’s animation, Michela Luci, Jamie Watson) – A Rainbow Kingdom cartoon. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Dear Ex (foreign drama, Roy Chiu, Hsieh Yng-xuan) – Mandarin language story of a teenager stuck between his recently widowed mom and his late father’s lover. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable, 1 hour 40 min

Canada Streaming

Won’t You Be My Neighbor (documentary, Fred Rogers) – This is exactly as wonderful as you think it should be. If you or your children watched his show, check out this documentary about the life of Mr. Rogers. Canada Streaming Only

Amazon Prime Video

Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders – Season 1 (TV mystery, John Malkovich, Rupert Grint) – This new Amazon show takes place in 1933, with Hercule Poirot on the job. I will definitely be watching this! Amazon Prime Video Only

Just Add Magic – Season 3 (family TV, Olivia Sanabia, Abby Donnelly) – Three girls and a magical cookbook star in this Amazon original. Amazon Prime Video Only, there is a fourth season coming, each season is thirteen 25 minute episodes

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