Netflix Instant Streaming and DVD Release Dates

Netflix logoHere you have it! 2018 Netflix Instant Streaming and DVD release dates as they become available (you can find 2011 here,  2012 here, 2013 here 2014 here, 2015 here 2016 here, and 2017 here).  I’ll add to it every week as information becomes available. One Stop Shopping for Netflix Release Dates. Gotta love it.

You can tell at a glance which content is available to you, depending on your subscription plan.  Red Subheadings indicate streaming titles, and those available to only those with a DVD rental subscription. And now we also have Canada Streaming! I’ll be able to include selected TV series’ Canadian streaming dates. Yay!   Here’s how you can tell which content is available on your plan:

DVD Only = Available to rent only for those with a DVD subscription.  This is going to be most new movies.  Quite a bit of TV starts out this way and streams later (and some movies).

Instant Streaming Only = Available only for those with an Instant Streaming subscription.  Netflix Exclusives tend to start out here and maybe become available on DVD later.

Instant Streaming Available = Available for all subscription types!  This is content that you can rent on a DVD or stream instantly.  The Holy Grail of Netflix content.

With no further ado, fire up your DVD player (or your Roku 3, Fire Stick or Xbox), and here are your release dates! 

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2018 Netflix Releases

Coming in May

Suits – Season 7 (DVD)

Call the Midwife – Season 7 (DVD)

Detectorists – Season 3 (DVD)

Coming in April

Jane the Virgin – Season 4 (Streaming – I think it will be 4/28)

April 29th

Canada Streaming

Superstition – Season 1 (TV drama, Mario Van Peebles, Robinne Lee) – Morticians with supernatural otherworldly powers! I hope this also comes to the US! Instant Streaming Only, Canada Only

April 27th


3% – Season 2 (foreign TV drama, Joao Miguel, Bianca Comparato) – Portuguese language series about a future in which you get one shot at being part of the small percentage of people who get to live in something other than squalor. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Week Of (comedy, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock) – I don’t like either Sandler or Rock, so I’m not terribly interested in this comedy about the wedding of their kids. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Man Who Knew Infinity (drama, Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons) – Biopic about an early 20th century Indian mathematician. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Candy Jar (family, Christina Hendricks, Helen Hunt) – High school debate rivals apply to college. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Bobby Kennedy for President (TV docuseries) – A look at the 1060s and Robert F. Kennedy using archival footage and interviews. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 26th

Canada Streaming

The 100 – Season 5 (TV sci-fi, Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley) – Earth is still in big trouble as this series heads into its fifth season. No word yet on a sixth – also no word on a US streaming date. Instant Streaming Only – Canada

April 25th


Bill Nye: Science Guy (documentary, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson) – He used to just be for kids – now he’s taking on climate change. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Psychokinesis (foreign action, Ryo Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung) – Korean language story of a man trying to use newfound superpowers to help his daughter. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 24th


Call the Midwife – Season 6 Christmas Special (TV drama, Vanessa Redgrave, Bryony Hannah) – Just a one-shot special. I believe this has been renewed for three more seasons. Sorry Canada, it looks like you aren’t getting this special. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Kevin James: Never Don’t Give Up (comedy special) – I find him funny at times, will be interested to see his stand-up. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Shameless – Season 8 (TV dramedy, William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum) – I love this show. It is a streamer, but I don’t have a date yet. Until then, DVD Only. It has been renewed for a ninth season.

Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (sci-fi, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher) – If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve likely already seen it. If not, you probably won’t. Is there anyone in the middle? DVD Only

Backstabbing for Beginners (thriller, Theo James, Ben Kingsley) – Well, I do like this title. And the lead actors. So perhaps I will see this political thriller based on real events. DVD Only

Hostiles (western, Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike) – 1892 period piece about an Army captain escorting a Cheyenne family to their homeland in Montana. DVD Only

Forever My Girl (drama, Alex Roe-Brown, Jessica Rothe) – Football star flees hometown only to return years later as a star to “claim his woman.” Yuck. DVD Only

Den of Thieves (action, Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber) – Bank robbers trying to steal currency set to be destroyed. DVD Only

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (drama, Annette Bening, Jamie Bell) – Oh, I do love Annette Bening. Here she plays a movie star having an affair with a younger man. Based on the life of actress Gloria Grahame. DVD Only

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (documentary, Diane Kruger, Mel Brooks) – This doc highlights the film star’s side gig as an inventor of wireless communication forms. DVD Only

The Strange Ones (thriller, Alex Pettyfer, James Freedson-Jackson) – Brothers mourning the murder of their father find some twists in their story during a road trip. DVD Only

The Final Year (documentary, John Kerry, Samantha Power) – A look at Barack Obama’s last year in office. DVD Only

The Devil and Father Amorth (documentary, Gabriele Amorth) – William Friedkin films an elderly priest performing an exorcism in Italy. DVD Only

Last Seen in Idaho (action, Casper Van Dien, Hallie Shepherd) – Murder, amnesia, visions of her future death. This is one seriously unlucky woman. DVD Only

Have a Nice Day (foreign anime, Zhu Changlong, Cao Kai) – Mandarin language satire about greed. DVD Only

A Violent Life (foreign drama, Jean Michelangeli, Henri-Noël Tabary) – French language story of a young man returning to danger in Corsica for the funeral of a friend. DVD Only

April 21st


The Letdown – Season 1 (TV dramedy, Alison Bell, Duncan Fellows) – Follows the quirky members of a new parents support group. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 20th

DVD Subscribers

Allure (thriller, Evan Rachel Wood, Julia Sarah Stone) – Thirty year old woman becomes obsessed with teenage girl. DVD Only


Aggretsuko – Season 1 (foreign anime, Kaolip, Komegumi Koiwasaki) – Japanese language series about a dissatisfied office worker and the karaoke that keeps her sane. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Dope – Season 2 (TV docuseries) – Focuses on drugs from various perspectives – cops, users, dealers. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Dude (dramedy, Lucy Hale, Kathryn Prescott) – A group of girls smoking weed during their last weeks of high school. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Kodachrome (dramedy, Ed Harris, Jason Sudekis) – Love Ed Harris! Here he is a dying dad on a road trip with his son. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Mercury 13 (documentary) – Female astronauts replaced by men in 1961. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 19th


Charite – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Alicia von Rittberg, Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider) – German language series set in a Berlin hospital in 1888. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey – Season 1 (foreign TV romance, Mayuko Kawakita) – Japanese language series about a group of people traveling through Asia looking for love. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Chasing the Dragon (foreign action, Donnie Yen, Andy Lau) – Cantonese language story of an undocumented immigrant drug lord in Hong Kong. Based on a true story. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

It’s Not Yet Dark (documentary, Colin Farrell) – A filmmaker with ALS refuses to be deterred by his increasing disability. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

The Alienist – Season 1 (TV drama, Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans) – I think this is a mini-series. Late 19th century period piece about a serial killer in NYC. I hope this one comes to US Streaming! Instant Streaming Only, Canada Only

April 18th


How to Get Away With Murder – Season 4 (TV drama, Viola Davis, Billy Brown) – This 4th season is coming to streaming before DVD – I love that! No word yet on a fifth season. Instant Streaming Only

Friend Request (thriller, Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley) – Is that social media friend a friend or a murderous demon? I think you know the answer. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Pele (drama, Leonardo Lima Carvalho, Kevin de Paula) – A biographical drama about the childhood of a soccer great. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 17th


The Chalet – Season 1 (foreign TV crime drama, Chloe Lambert, Philippe Dusseau) – French language series about a group of friends finding danger on a remote vacation. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Honeymoon Stand-Up Special – Collection 1 (comedy special, Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher) – Three stand-up specials from this pair. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Greatest Showman (musical, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron) – Oh, I’m definitely going to be seeing this! I love Hugh Jackman and can’t resist a good production number. DVD Only

The Post (drama, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep) – Government vs. the press during Nixon administration. Timely. DVD Only

In Her Name (foreign drama, Daniel Auteuil, Sebastian Koch) – French language film based on teh true story of a father looking for justice for his murdered child. DVD Only

The Commuter (thriller, Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga) – Average guy insurance salesman gets pulled into train ride terror. Who would look at Liam Neeson and think he’s average? COME ON! DVD Only

Deep Blue Sea 2 (horror, Danielle Savre, Michael Beach) – Don’t test drugs on sharks. Seriously. DVD Only

Humor Me (comedy, Jemaine Clement, Elliott Gould) – Playwright hits the skids and ends up living in his father’s retirement community. DVD Only

Honor Up (action, Damon Dash, Cam’ron) – Drug/crime drama executive produced by Kanye West. DVD Only

American Folk (drama, Joe Purdy, Amber Rubarth) – Music brings strangers together after 9/11. DVD Only

Killing for Love (documentary, Imogen Poots, Daniel Brühl) – Examination of a 1985 double murder. DVD Only

A Demon Within (horror, Charlene Amoia, Clint Glenn Hummel) – Dude knows there’s a demon in his childhood home. He should let the people who buy it know that. DVD Only

April 15th

Canada Streaming

Monty Python – a whole lot of everything! The U.S. isn’t getting this treasure trove including The Holy Grail, The Life of Brian, The Flying Circus and much, much more. Canada

April 13th


Lost in Space – Season 1 (action, Molly Parker, Toby Stephens) – Reboot! I will definitely watch as the Robinson’s tackle space nemeses after their space ship crashes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The New Girl – Season 6 (TV comedy, Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson) – A new season available on Instant Streaming!

Death in Paradise – Season 6 (TV dramedy, Danny John-Jules, Elisabeth Bourgine) – Scotland Yard detective finds himself working in the laid back Caribbean. Instant Streaming Available

Chef’s Table – Season 4 – Pastry (reality) – Gourmet desserts from around the world. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

I Am Not an Easy Man (foreign comedy, Vincent Elbaz, Marie-Sophie Ferdane) – French language rom/com about a chauvinist who wakes to a world controlled by women. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Come Sunday (drama, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Martin Sheen) – Preacher Carlton Pearson has a crisis of faith in this bio-drama. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Love Beats Rhymes (musical, Azealia Banks, Jill Scott) – College rapper discovers poetry. Was out on DVD, now Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Nails (horror, Shauna Macdonald, Ross Noble) – A badly injured woman unfortunately shares her room with something inhuman. Bummer. Was DVD Only, Now Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Legend of the Naga Pearls (foreign action, Darren Wang, Simon Yam) – Mandarin language action fantasy about a winged species looking for long sought revenge on humans. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Bitch (comedy, Jason Ritter, Jaime King) – I really like Jason Ritter, and I really like dark comedy. But I don’t know about this movie about a woman who takes on the persona of a dog. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Bullet Head (thriller, Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas) – Criminals trapped in a warehouse hang out and reflect on their life choices. I think this is probably a lot more tense than the description sounds. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

100 Men (documentary) – Filmmaker’s former lovers talk about gay men and social change. No longer available on DVD – Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Kills on Wheels (foreign comedy, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Zoltán Fenyvesi) – Hungarian language black comedy about a disabled crew of hit-men for hire. No longer available on DVD, Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Revolt (sci-fi, Lee Pace, Bérénice Marlohe) – Alien invasion leaves two guys wandering across Kenya looking for refuge. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

The Journey (drama, Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney) – A fictional account of a real meeting between opponents in Ireland that led to 2006 St. Andrews Agreement. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

From the Land of the Moon (foreign drama, Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel) – French language adaptation of the book Mal de Pierres, by Milena Agus – a story of a woman torn between two men. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Leap (family animation, Elle Fanning, Nat Wolff) – Story of an aspiring ballerina in late 1800s Paris. Looks like stop motion animation. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Super Dark Times (thriller, Owen Campbell, Charlie Tahan) – Teenagers respond stupidly to unfortunate accident. That certainly isn’t going to go well. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Unleashed (comedy, Kate Micucci, Justin Chatwin) – Pets transform into male suitors. Seriously? Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Acts of Vengeance (action, Antonio Banderas, Karl Urban) – Lawyer wants vengeance for the murder of his family. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Tulip Fever (drama, Dane DeHaan, Alicia Vikander) – 17th century tulip themed romantic period piece set in Amsterdam. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Princess Cyd (drama, Rebecca Spence, Jessie Pinnick) – Coming of age while spending the summer visiting an aunt in Chicago. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Dream Boat (documentary) – A look at five men on a week-long yearly cruise exclusively for gay men. No longer available on DVD – Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Women’s Balcony (foreign comedy, Evelin Hagoel, Igal Naor) – Hebrew language story about a collapsing balcony leading to trouble in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

A Gray State (documentary) – A documentary looking into the deaths of a documentary film maker and his family. No longer available on DVD – Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 12th


Pickpockets (foreign drama, Carlos Bardem, Natalia Reyes) – Spanish language story of Colombian teenagers learning to become successful petty thieves. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 10th


Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast (comedy special) – British stand-up comedy special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Tale of Tales (sci-fi, Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel) – Three part anthology filled with magic and monsters and weirdness galore. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Swim Team (documentary) – A look at three high school swimmer with autism. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Outlander – Season 3 (TV drama, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan) – This Starz original time travel romance drama series is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. And I really want to see it. It’s not a streamer on Netflix so DVD Only, you can get it on the Starz app (which you can also buy and watch through Amazon)

Secrets and Lies – Season 1 (TV drama, Juliette Lewis, Ryan Phillippe) – This ABC crime drama about a man uncovering secrets in his town was cancelled after 2 seasons. The second is not available yet and I have no idea if it will stream. DVD Only

Looking Glass (thriller, Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney) – What happens when you buy a cheap motel? Nothing good, my friends. I like Robin Tunney a lot, I’ll see this one. This was originally scheduled to come out the 3rd, and got pushed back a week. DVD Only

Phantom Thread (drama, Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville) – Oscar nominated and Daniel Day-Lewis’s final film before retiring. It’s a period piece set in London in the 1950s, about a fashion designer. DVD Only

All the Money in the World (thriller, Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg) – This biopic about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III snagged an Oscar Nom for Christopher Plummer, who replaced the literally erased from the film Kevin Spacey. DVD Only

Molly’s Game (drama, Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba) – Fantastic cast for this story of a former skier turned gambling hostess. The screenplay was nominated for an Oscar. DVD Only

The Young Karl Marx (drama, August Diehl, Stefan Konarske) – Karl Marx bio-pic. DVD Only

For Ahkeem (documentary) – Follows the life of a teenager at an alternative school who is determined to succeed in a post Ferguson world. DVD Only

Proud Mary (thriller, Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown) – Travails of an assassin. I love Taraji P. Henson, I’ll see this one. DVD Only

Braven (action, Jason Momoa, Jill Wagner) – Jason Momoa vs. drug dealers? Yes please! DVD Only

Gone Are the Days (western, Lance Henriksen, Tom Berenger) – Aging outlaw wants to go out with a bang. DVD Only

Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (foreign action, Tae-hyun Cha, Ju Ji-hoon) – Korean language action fantasy about a fireman making his way to the afterlife. Based on a web comic. DVD Only

The Price of Fame (documentary, Ted DiBiase, Ted DiBiase Jr.) – The life of wrestler Ted DiBiase. DVD Only

Rave Party Massacre (horror, Sara Bess, Evan Taylor Williams) – Don’t have your rave in an old abandoned hospital, youths. It won’t end well for anyone. DVD Only

Mohawk (action, Kaniehtiio Horn, Eamon Farren) – Period action piece set during the War of 1812, follows three Mohawk teenagers on the run from soldiers. DVD Only

Us and Them (thriller, Jack Roth, Tim Bentinck) – British film about working class guys cook up terrible idea to even the playing field. DVD Only

Tales of Mexico (foreign drama, Irène Jacob, Kaori Momoi) – Spanish language anthology of eight stories all taking place in the same room over a 100 year time period. DVD Only

Family Games (drama, Megan Boone, Larry Bryggman) – Dysfunctional family wedding drama. DVD Only

The Perfect Catch (TV movie, Nikki Deloach, Andrew W. Walker) – Hallmark movie about reconnecting with a high school sweetheart. I WONDER HOW IT WILL END???? DVD Only

April 9th


AMO – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Apollo Abraham, Elijah Filamor) – Filipino language series about drug dealing and police corruption. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 7th


24 Hours to Live (thriller, Ethan Hawke, Rutger Hauer) – Dead assassin who is not dead, but only for one day to get redemption. I like Ethan Hawke, but I really? Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Canada Streaming

Dynasty – Season 1 (TV drama, Grant Show, Elizabeth Gillies) – Reboot of the 80-est of all the 80s shows. I don’t see this one coming to U.S. streaming anywhere, so it’s all you, Canada! Canada.

April 6th


Money Heist – Season 2 (foreign TV action, Ursula Corbero, Itziar Ituno) – Spanish language series about a group of bank robbers. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Troy: Fall of a City – Season 1 (action, Louis Hunter, Christiaan Schoombie) – A British show about the beginning of the Trojan War. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Boss Baby: Back in Business – Season 1 (children’s animation, JP Karliak, Kevin Michael Richardson) – Seriously Netflix? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Todo lo que sería de Lucas Lauriente (comedy special) – Spanish language stand-up comedy special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The 4th Company (foreign action, Adrian Ladron, Andoni Gracia) – Spanish language story of a prison football team. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Orbiter 9 (foreign sc-fi, Clara Lago, Álex González) – How long would it take you to fall in love withe the first guy you meet after spending your whole life alone on a space ship? Spanish language. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Ram Dass: Going Home (documentary, Ram Dass) – Spiritual teacher and author Dass on life and death. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

My Next Guest Needs No Instroduction – Jay-Z (talk) – April Installment of David Letterman’s extended interview series. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

6 Balloons (drama, Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco) – Sister tries to help heroin addict brother. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amateur (drama, Michael Rainey Jr., Josh Charles) – 14 year old basketballer discovers corruption in sport at his new prep school. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 5th


Despicable Me 3 (family animation, Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig) – If you dig these movies, this one is coming to streaming! Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall (documentary, Todrick Hall, Wayne Brady) – American Idol contestant tries to launch his own musical after achieving success on Broadway. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

April 4th

Canada Streaming

Prison Break 2017 (TV mini-series, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell) – This is a single series continuation of the original series. Lucky Canadians get to see it streaming! It’s available only on DVD in the U.S., Available on Instant Streaming in Canada. Canada.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments – Season 2 (TV drama, Matthew Daddario, Katherine McNamara) – This series, based on the book about a human-angel hybrid, is only available in Canada – it isn’t even on Netflix DVD in the U.S. It streams a single episode a week. Canada.

April 3rd


Fary is the New Black (foreign comedy special) – French language stand-up special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Una (drama, Rooney Mara, Ben Mendelsohn) – Girl who was abducted as a teen seeks to confront her attacker years later. This one has been available on DVD since January, now it’s Available on Instant Streaming, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Ballers – Season 3 (TV comedy, Dwayne Johnson, Andy Garcia) – Someday I’m going to just susbscribe to HBO so I can see all of these things when they debut. But not today – it only streams on HBO, it’s DVD Only on Netflix.

A Place to Call Home – Season 5 (TV drama, Marta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst) – This 1950s Australian period series has one more season coming in August. It streams on something called Acorn TV, which (with a subscription) you can get through Amazon. It’s DVD Only on Netflix.

Thor: Ragnorak (action, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston) – Yay! I’ve been waiting for this one, because I was too lazy to see it in the theaters. Top of the queue! DVD Only

Looking Glass (thriller, Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney) – What happens when you buy a cheap motel? Nothing good, my friends. I like Robin Tunney a lot, I’ll see this one. DVD Only

Permanent (comedy, Patricia Arquette, Rainn Wilson) – The story of a teenager and a perm. Oh, I will absolutely see this. DVD Only

Insideous: The Last Key (horror, Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell) – This is the fourth installment in this series. I saw the first one and it was scary – don’t know after that. DVD Only

Beast of Burden (thriller, Daniel Radcliffe, Grace Gummer) – Good cast for this drug dealer drama/thriller. DVD Only

Father Figures (comedy, Owen Wilson, Ed Helms) – Twins set out to find their dad. Owen Wilson is not my fave, so I’ll pass. DVD Only

Thelma (foreign thriller, Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins) – Norwegian language story of love, the paranormal, and parental disapproval. DVD Only

Boston: The Documentary (documentary, Matt Damon, Dave McGillivary) – Boston Marathon doc. DVD Only

Half Magic (comedy, Heather Graham, Angela Kinsey) – Looking for sex, finding sister friend empowerment. Cool, I’ll see it. DVD Only

Dead on Arrival (thriller, Billy Flynn, Chris Mulkey) – Bummer to be poisoned and on the run when you’re just trying to be a traveling salesman. DVD Only

Honey: Rise Up and Dance (drama, Teyana Taylor, Bryshere Gray) – Street dancer hoping for a scholarship. DVD Only

Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride (documentary) – This is fascinating. A guy dresses as a woman to evade the police, ends up wanting a sex change. I have to see this. DVD Only

Like Me (thriller, Addison Timlin, Ian Nelson) – Kid looking for fame records ugly real life and finds out fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. DVD Only

Where Have You Gone, Lou DiMaggio (documentary, Lou DiMaggio, Larry David) – TV writer who misses doing stand-up goes back to the stage. DVD Only

Dominion: The Last Star Warrior (sci-fi, Travis Hammer, Barry Lynch) – Alien invasion, alien looking for human woman he loves, you know the drill. DVD Only

Destined (drama, Cory Hardrict, Hill Harper) – Oh, this looks good. A look, from the POV of one event, of two very different ways a young man’s life could go. DVD Only

April 2nd

Canada Streaming

Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 2 (TV sci-fi, Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless) – This one has been available for a while in the U.S., now it’s available on Instant Streaming in Canada as well. Canada.

April 1st


A Sort of Family (foreign drama, Barbara Lennie, Daniel Arioz) – Spanish language story of a woman traveling in Argentina to adopt a baby. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 30th


A Series of Unfortunate Events – Season 2 (TV comedy, Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton) – Live action adaptation based on the Lemony Snicket books. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Rapture – Season 1 (docuseries) – A look at the cultural impact of hip-hop. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Titan (sci-fi, Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling) – Dystopian future genetic mutation? Yes, indeed. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Happy Anniversary (comedy, Noel Wells, Ben Schwartz) – What better way to spend an anniversary than contemplating splitting up? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

First Match (drama, Elvire Emanuelle, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) – A teenager tries to connect with her father by joining the wrestling team. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Trump: An American Dream – Season 1 (docuseries) – Self explanatory. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Sofía Niño de Rivera: Selección natural (foreign comedy special) – Spanish language stand-up special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 27th


Better Call Saul – Season 3 (TV dramedy, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks) – You never know when these some of these shows are going to pop up on Streaming! This has been out for a while on DVD, now it’s Available on Instant Streaming, downloadable. There is a 4th season coming, it will debut on AMC in April.

Men On a Mission- Season 1 (foreign TV comedy, Ho-dong Kang, Soo-geun Lee) Korean language comedy series about K-Pop stars and comedians posing as high school students. Instant Streaming Only

DVD Subscribers

Mr. Robot – Season 3 (TV drama, Rami Malek, Christian Slater) – If you can keep up with what’s going on, this series is pretty good. It isn’t a Netflix streamer (so DVD Only), but does stream on Amazon Prime, so watch for season 3 there.

Legion – Season 1 (TV sci-fi, Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller) – I watched the first season of this truly trippy series and I thought it was worth it. There is a second season starting April 3rd on FX. I don’t know if this will stream here (DVD Only for now), but it is streaming on Hulu.

The Americans – Season 5 (TV drama, Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys) – This Cold War era spy series has one more season to go. It does not stream on Netflix (so DVD Only), but is available on Amazon Prime

Decline and Fall (TV comedy, Jack Whitehall, Eva Longoria) – This British mini-series is based on the novel by Evelyn Waugh about an Oxford divinity student who finds himself expelled and teaching in Wales. DVD Only

Dolores (documentary, Dolores Huerta, Hillary Rodham Clinton) – Story of the co-founder of the first American farm workers’ union. DVD Only

Acts of Violence (action, Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser) – Bruce Willis takes on human trafficking. DVD Only

Last Man in Aleppo (foreign documentary) – Arabic language doc about first responders in the Syrian civil war, called White Helmets. DVD Only

The Last Movie Star (drama, Burt Reynolds, Ariel Winter) – Interesting cast for this story of an aging actor. DVD Only

The Fencer (foreign drama, Märt Avandi, Ursula Ratasepp) – Estonian language film about a fencing instructor who had fled from the police. DVD Only

Who Killed Tupac? (documentary, Benjamin Crump) – This is described as an “investigative mini-series”. DVD Only

The Thousand Faces of Dunjia (foreign action, Aarif Lee, Ni Ni, Zhou Dongyu) – Mandarin language story of secret societies, aliens, and supernatural powers. DVD Only

The Relationtrip (comedy, Renée Felice Smith, Matt Bush) – Props for the clever title for this platonic road trip movie. DVD Only

The Executioners (horror, Natalie Burn, Jemma Dallender) – Women taken hostage fight back. And they like it. DVD Only

I Remember You (foreign thriller, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Anna Gunndís Guðmundsdóttir) – Icelandic language story of suicide, home renovation, and paranormal entities. DVD Only (I really hope this streams)

Outside In (drama, Jay Duplass, Edie Falco) – Ex-con looks to former English teacher in attempt to adjust. DVD Only

March 24th


Red Trees (documentary) – Exploring the lives of one of the 12 families to survive Prague under the Nazis, as told by filmmaker Marina Willer, one of the descendants. This has been available to DVD subscribers since January, now it’s Instant Streaming Only

March 23rd


The Santa Clarita Diet – Season 2 (TV comedy, Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant) – Zombie mom is back for another season. I never finished season 1, I need to get moving! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Into the Badlands – Season 1 (TV drama, Daniel Wu, Marton Csokas) – More dystopian feudal future! There is a third season. Instant Streaming Only

The Mechanism – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Selton Mello, Caroline Abras) – Portuguese language series about a Brazilian corruption scandal. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Requiem – Season 1 (TV thriller, Lydia Wilson, Joel Fry) – British series about a woman whose mother may be linked to a missing child. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Alexa & Katie – Season 1 (TV family, Paris Berelc, Isabel May) – A teenager with cancer starts high school. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Game Over, Man! (action, Sugar Lyn Beard, Steve Howey) – Slackers need to step up when faced with a hotel full of terrorists. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Layla M. (foreign drama, Nora El Koussou, Ilias Addab) – Dutch language drama about a Muslim teenager facing discrimination in Amsterdam. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Roxanne Roxanne (drama, Chante Adams, Mahershala Ali) – Bio-drama based on the life of rapper Roxanne Shante. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Strain – Season 4 (TV sci-fi, Corey Stoll, David Bradley) – Vampires and viruses, oh my! This does not stream on Netflix, so DVD Only here. It does stream on Hulu, so watch for this season to show up there. This is the final season.

March 21st


Conor McGregor: Notorious (documentary, Conor McGregor) – Documenting a sports icon? Okay, I never heard of him, but apparently his big in the world of fighting/boxing/something. Instant Streaming Available

March 20th


The Standups – Season 2 (comedy special) – New names in comedy get a chance to shine. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

100 Years: One Woman’s Fight for Justice (documentary) – The story of a woman named Eloise Corbell and her fight against mismanagement of native lands. Instant Streaming Only

DVD Subscribers

Elementary – Season 5 (TV drama, Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu) – This modern day Sherlock Holmes series is not a Netflix streamer, so DVD Only, here. But it is available to stream on Hulu. There is a sixth season upcoming.

NCIS: Los Angeles – Season 8 (TV drama, LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell) – This long running NCIS spin-off has a ninth season coming. It does not stream here on Netflix, making it DVD Only. The only place I can find it streaming is on CBS All Access.

Bull – Season 1 (TV drama, Michael Weatherly, Annabelle Attanasio) – NCIS alum Weatherly stars as a trial consultant. Did you know this was based on the early years of Dr. Phil? I did not. DVD Only (I can only find it streaming on CBS All Access). There is a second season

Ray Donovan – Season 5 (TV drama, Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight) – This LA fixer will be back for a sixth season. It is DVD Only on Netflix, and it doesn’t stream anywhere but Showtime.

The Long Road Home – Season 1 (TV drama, Michael Kelly, Jason Ritter) – Set in 2004 Iraq, where an American unit faces an ambush. This may be a mini-series – no info on a second season. DVD Only

The Shape of Water (drama, Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon) – Best Picture Oscar winner – yes indeed I’ll be seeing this. DVD Only

Justice League (action, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot) – DC comics universe Big Movie. I feel like I should see it. DVD Only

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (action, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black) – We saw this in the theaters and it’s great fun. Check it out! DVD Only

Pitch Perfect 3 (comedy, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson) – The third installment of aca-awesomeness. I’m not entirely sure this needed to be made, but I’ll still see it. DVD Only

Downsizing (comedy, Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig) – The small spaces movement gets extreme. I am absolutely seeing this. DVD Only

Ferdinand (family animation, John Cena, Kate McKinnon) – Oh, I loved this story growing up! This animated tale takes that gentle character and puts him into some weird abduction plot. But still, it’s Ferdinand! DVD Only

Small Town Crime (thriller, John Hawkes, Anthony Anderson) – Ex-cop alcoholic finds purpose after finding a body. DVD Only

Neat: The Story of Bourbon (documentary, Steve Zahn) – Self-explanatory title for this doc. DVD Only

The Divine Order (drama, Rachel Braunschweig, Marta Zoffoli) – Feminism in Switzerland 1970s period piece. DVD Only

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall (drama, Logan Lerman, Elle Fanning) – An author fades from public life after his first big success. This film looks at the mystery of his withdrawal. DVD Only

Django (foreign drama, Reda Kateb, Cécile De France) – French language biopic about Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt during WWII. DVD Only

Still/Born (horror, Sean Rogerson, Jenn Griffin) – Mother faces loss and demons. DVD Only

Lies We Tell (thriller, Gabriel Byrne, Sibylla Deen) – A chauffeur who has to protect his employer’s Muslim lover. DVD Only

The Work (documentary) – A look inside twice yearly open therapy sessions at Folsom Prison. DVD Only

11/8/16 (documentary) – Filmmakers talking to people on election day 2016. DVD Only

Miss Kiet’s Children (foreign documentary) – Dutch language story of four refugee kids learning to live in a new country. DVD Only

Augie (documentary, Augie Nieto, David Foster) – Creator of the Lifecycle bike becomes an ALS advocate after diagnosis. DVD Only

March 19th


In Search of Felini (drama, Ksenia Solo, Mary Lynn Rajskub) – A shy young woman discovers Felini’s films and heads out in search of the man. This one has been available on DVD since January and is now Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

March 16th


On My Block – Season 1 (comedy, Sierra Capri, Jason Genao) – Teen series about starting high school in inner-city Los Angeles. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Edha – Season 1 (foreign drama, Antonio Birabent, Sophia Castiglione) – Spanish language series about the dramatic life of a fashion designer. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Wild Wild Country – Season 1 (docuseries) – A look at the clash between locals and the members of a religious group in Oregon in the 1980s. This looks really good. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Benji (family, Gabriel Bateman, Darby Camp) – I can’t tell if this is a reboot or a continuation of the dog-saves-family stories from the 1970s and 80s. And as far as I can tell, Gabriel Bateman is not related to Jason or Justine. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Take Your Pills (documentary) – A look at how prescription drugs play a role in our overly competitive society. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Orphan Black – Season 5 (TV sci-fi, Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris) – The clones return for a final season. This one is not a streamer, so DVD Only on Netflix. The series does stream on Amazon Prime, so watch for this final season to show up there.

Scorched Earth (action, Gina Carano, Ryan Robbins) – Dystopian future bounty hunters. DVD Only

Gimme Danger (documentary, Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton) – Rockumentary about the 1960s group The Stooges. DVD Only

March 15th


The Hollywood Masters – Season 2 (talk show) – Interviews with top actors and directors. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Tabula Rasa – Season 1 (foreign TV thriller, Veerle Baetens, Stijn Van Opstal) – Dutch language series about a woman with amnesia who needs to clear her name. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 13th


Children of the Whales – Season 1 (foreign anime, Natsuki Hanae, Manaka Iwami) – Japanese language. An island, magic, and an outsider who changes everything. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Ricky Gervais: Humanity (comedy special) – I like Gervais, but have never seen him do stand-up. Will it be overload? Only one way to find out… Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 1 (TV drama, Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes) – I am so excited to finally see this! I loved the book by Margaret Atwood and am even on board for a second season. This is a Hulu original, so DVD Only here.

Major Crimes – Season 6 (TV drama, Mary McDonnell, Tony Denison) – Police and prosecutors work together in this TNT spin-off of The Closer. This is the final season. This one is not a streamer in the U.S., so DVD Only

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 3 (TV sci-fi, Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis) – I gave up on this Walking Dead spin-off after the first season, but it’s still going strong! There is a fourth season. It’s not a streamer, so DVD Only.

I, Tonya (drama, Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan) – Allison Janney collected the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in this Tonya Harding biopic. I can’t wait to see it. DVD Only

Call Me By Your Name (drama, Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet) – This coming of age in Italy story won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar. I’m in! DVD Only

Saturday Church (musical, Luka Kain, Margot Bingham) – We don’t see a lot of musicals! This one is about a trans teen finding a place for himself in a conservative world. DVD Only

The Disaster Artist (comedy, James Franco, Dave Franco) – Having seen and love/hated The Room, I am absolutely on board to see this spoof about the making of that God awful yet amazing movie. DVD Only

Children of the Corn: Runaway (horror, Marci Miller, Mary Kathryn Bryant) – I can’t believe they’re still making these. I believe this is number nine. DVD Only

Kickboxer: Retaliation (action, Alain Moussi, Christopher Lambert) – This also stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson. I don’t think we need to know more. DVD Only

1:54 (foreign drama, Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Sophie Nélisse) – This French language drama about a bullied boy fighting back by being faster on the track team stars Sophie Nelisse, who was amazing as the lead in The Book Thief. DVD Only

Frank Serpico (documentary, Frank Serpico, John Turturro) – Bio-doc about the man behind the 1973 movie’s life after the film. DVD Only

Porto (drama, Anton Yelchin, Lucie Lucas) – Two movies starring the late Anton Yelchin this week. This one is a love story. DVD Only

The Assistant (foreign thriller, Nathalie Baye, Malik Zidi) – French language thriller about a grieving mother seeking revenge. DVD Only

Moka (foreign thriller, Emmanuelle Devos, Nathalie Baye) – French language story of a mother’s revenge. DVD Only

Apple of My Eye (drama, Avery Arendes, Amy Smart) – Girl who loses her sight gets a guide-horse. DVD Only

March 12th


Troy: The Odyssey (fantasy, Dylan Vox, Lara Heller) – Looks like a low budget version of The Iliad. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Kygo: Live at the Hollywood Bowl (documentary) – This doc spotlights international musician Kygo, originally from Norway, getting ready for an extravaganza show at the Hollywood Bowl. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 10th


Septiembre, un Llanto en Silencio (foreign drama, Costanza Andrade, Tuti Furlan) – Spanish language drama telling the story of a father and daughter during the 80s and 90s in Guatemala. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 9th


Love – Season 3 (TV comedy, Gillian Jacobs, Paul Rust) – I haven’t tried this Judd Apatow created dramedy, but I just read some of the reviews and think I may have to try it for the tale of two unlikable people looking for love. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

A.I.C.O. Incarnation – Season 1 (foreign anime, Yusuke Kobayashi, Haruka Shiraishi) – This Japanese language sci-fi anime is about high school students trying to solve the mystery of a biological experiment gone awry. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Nailed It! – Season 1 (reality, Nicole Byer, Jaques Torres) – VERY amateur bakers try to recreate what look exactly like the kinds of things that lead to Pinterest fails. I will definitely be watching this contest! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Collateral (TV drama mini-series, Carey Mulligan, John Simm) – A conspiracy crime thriller min-series. I like Carey Mulligan, I’ll give it a try. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction: Malala Yousafzai (talk, David Letterman) – I really like this extended interview format with Letterman as host, it’s a challenging new talk show format and his guests have been very interesting. I look forward to this installment. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Outsider (drama, Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano) – American soldier joins the Yakuza in post WWII Japan. I watched the trailer for this one – it looks good! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 8th


Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Season 2 (TV sci-fi, Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor) – It’s been so long I’m going to have to re-watch the entire first season to remind myself what happened! And honestly, I’m okay with that. No word on a third season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Bad Guys: Vile City – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Park Joong-Hoon, Kim Hong-Fa) – Korean language series about a group of prosecutors trying to take down a powerful CEO. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Ladies First (documentary) – The story of Deepika Kumari, a young woman from India who is the world’s best female archer. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

Riverdale – Season 2 (TV drama, K.J. Apa, Cole Sprouse) – Archie comics based CW series that will air weekly on Netflix in Canada as it airs on the network in the U.S. Canada

March 6th


Borderliner – Season 1 (foreign drama, Tobias Santelmann, Ellen Dorrit Petersen) – Norwegian language crime thriller series about a cop going above and beyond to protect his family. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Gad Elmaleh: American Dream (comedy special) – This is Gad Elmaleh’s first stand up special in English. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Trophy (documentary) – Big game hunting doc. Oooof. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Blame! (foreign anime, Takahiro Sakurai, Kana Hanazawa) Japanese language story of what looks a lot like the robot apocalypse. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Pirates of Somalia (drama, Evan Peters, Barkhad Abdi) – Based on the true story of a journalist who wants to contact Somali pirates. This has been out on DVD for a few months and is now Available on Instant Streaming, downloadable

Wind River (thriller, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen) – FBI agent and Fish and Wildlife tracker pair up to solve a murder. I like Jeremy Renner, I’ll see this one. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Big Bear (comedy, Joey Kern, Adam Brody) – This bachelor party with no wedding comedy came out on DVD a month ago, then was no longer available on DVD, and now is Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

Black Lightning – Season 1 (TV action, Cress Williams, James Remar) – Another CW series that will air a week at a time on Netflix in Canada.

DVD Subscribers

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (drama, Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson) – A woman challenges police via billboard. This one has a load of Oscar noms and I love Frances McDormand, so top of the queue! DVD Only

Lady Bird (comedy, Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf) – This comedy/drama about a girl set on going to college far from home has five Oscar noms including Best Picture and Best Actress. I will definitely see it! DVD Only

Murder on the Orient Express (thriller, Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz) – Based on the Agatha Christie novel, obviously, this was met with mixed reviews. Honestly, it’s been eons since I either read the book or saw the original movie, and with this cast I’m absolutely going to see this one. DVD Only

The Man Who Invented Christmas (drama, Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer) – Dan Stevens is in EVERYTHING! This one is a story about Charles Dickens writing A Christmas Carol. DVD Only

Wonder Wheel (drama, James Belushi, Juno Temple) – Woody Allen directed this. I will never see it. DVD Only

The Breadwinner (family animation, Saara Chaudry, Ali Rizvi Badshah) – Story of a girl in Afghanistan under the Taliban forced to pretend to be a boy to support the family. DVD Only

Faces Places (foreign documentary) – French language look at French New Wave director Agnès Varda, beginning in the 1950s and continuing today. DVD Only

BPM (Beats Per Minute) (foreign drama, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois) – French language period piece about AIDS activism in France in the 1990s. DVD Only

Aliens Ate My Homework (family, William Shatner, Dan Payne) – This is based on a series of books about a couple of kids helping out some friendly aliens. DVD Only

Ethel & Ernest (adult animation, Brenda Blethyn, Jim Broadbent) – WWII married couple – this is the story of The Snowman author Raymond Briggs’ parents. DVD Only

The Sandman (thriller, Shae Smolik, Tobin Bell) – It’s a big bummer to find out that your nightmare dude is killing people while you sleep. DVD Only

The Clapper (comedy, Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried) – What happens when a paid audience member becomes a star? DVD Only

White Sun (foreign drama, Dayahang Rai, Asha Magrati) – Nepali language story of the lasting effects of the country’s civil war. DVD Only

The Crossbreed (horror, Angela Durazo, Nathan Schellerup) – Researching demonic possession while pregnant? DON’T DO IT. DVD Only

Walk Away From Love (romance, Noree Victoria, Brad James) – Heartbroken woman decides whether or not to take a chance on romance. DVD Only

Showdown in Manila (action, Alexander Nevsky, Mark Dacascos) – Private Investigators take on jungle terrorists. DVD Only

Knights of the Damned (action, Andrea Vasiliou, Silvio Simac) – Yeah, I thought it might be zombie knights, too. But it’s knights *fighting* zombies. DVD Only

Con Man (drama, James Caan, Justin Baldoni) – True story of a fraudster named Barry Minkow. DVD Only

Gintama (foreign action, Shun Oguri, Kôichi Yamadera) – Japanese language manga inspired story of samurai and aliens. DVD Only

Sweet Sweet Summertime (family, Nico Christou, David DeLuise) – Kids do good deeds to convince their dad not to move. DVD Only

The Revenge of Robert (horror, Harriet Rees, Gareth Lawrence) – This creepy doll is having nothing to do with WWII Nazis. DVD Only

Hacked (action, Adam Shapiro, Amy Aquino) – Don’t try to hack the AI. This will not end well for the feeble humans. DVD Only

Band Aid (comedy, Zoe Lister Jones, Adam Pally) – I love Zoe Lister Jones on Life in Pieces – here she plays half of a bickering couple that forms a band. DVD Only

March 5th


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – Season 1 (reality, Piers Taylor, Caroline Quentin) – An architect and an actress look at unusual houses in unusual places. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

F*&% the Prom (comedy, Danielle Campbell, Joel Courtney) – Girls endeavor to ruin the prom. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

We Don’t Belong Here (drama, Catherine Keener, Anton Yelchin) – Great cast for this dysfunctional family drama. I will absolutely see it. DVD Only

Awakening the Zodiac (thriller, Shane West, Leslie Bibb) – It’s really a bad idea to try to hunt for a serial killer when you have no skills. Just really bad. DVD Only

So B. It (family, Alfre Woodard, John Heard) – Teenager looking for the truth about her mom who has autism. Based on the book. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Broadchurch – Season 3 (TV drama, David Tennant, Olivia Colman) – This has been streaming in the U.S. since November – it’s about time it became available in Canada!

March 2nd


Flint Town – Season 1 (TV docuseries) – A look at Flint, Michigan, through the eyes of its police officers. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Girls Incarcerated – Season 1 (docuseries) – A look at the lives of a group of young women in prison. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Les Affames – aka Ravenous (foreign thriller, Marc-Andre Grondin, Monia Chokri) – French language Canadian movie about zombie survivors in Quebec. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Natalia Valdebenito: El Especial (comedy special) – Spanish language stand-up from a Chilean comedian. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Malena Pichot: Estupidez compleja (comedy special) – Another Spanish language female comedian, this time time from Argentina. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

March 1st


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – Season 18 (TV drama, Mariska Hargitay, Danny Pino) – It’s still running! And there is a season 19 – no word yet after that. Instant Streaming Only, for now, though it will undoubtedly also come out on DVD.

21 Thunder – Season 1 (TV drama, Stephanie Bennett, Emmanuel Kabongo) – The lives of players and coaches of a Canadian soccer team. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

2307: Winter’s Dream (sci-fi, Paul Sidhu, Arielle Holmes) – Robot apocalypse after regular apocalypse, in the winter. Instant Streaming Only

Adel Karam: Live from Beirut (comedy special) – Arabic language stand up special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Algo Muy Gordo (foreign comedy, Javier Botet, Carolina Bang) – Spanish language story of an actor and director who want to start something new in comedy. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Deathgrip (documentary, Josh Bryceland, Brendan Fairclough) – Extreme cycling doc. Instant Streaming Only

True to the Game (drama, Columbus Short, Vivica A. Fox) – Based on the novel about the relationship between a young woman and a man set on becoming a drug lord. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Battle Drone (action, Louis Mandylor, Daniel Southworth) – In the future it looks like Arizona is cold, and perhaps there has been a robot apocalypse. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

Rupaul’s Drag Race – Season 9 (reality competition) – We don’t get this at all in the U.S.! Not on DVD or Streaming! Canada

February 27th


Nocturama (foreign drama, Finnegan Oldfield, Vincent Rottiers) – French language story of a group of bomb planters in Paris hiding in a store as police search for them. Instant Streaming Available

Derren Brown: The Push (reality?) – I’m not really sure what to call this – the guy is a “mentalist” who manipulates people into doing horrible things. A social experiment? I suppose so. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish (comedy special) – I assume this is a stand-up special. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea (anime, Jason Schwartzman, Lena Dunham) – Some weird thing about a school that breaks off the coast of California by an earthquake. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Bugs (documentary) – A look at eating insects around the world. Instant Streaming Only

DVD Subscribers

Darkest Hour (drama, Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas) – Oldman as Winston Churchill during the early days of WWII. DVD Only

Hangman (thriller, Al Pacino, Karl Urban) – Great cast for this serial killer crime drama. DVD Only

Black Code (documentary) – The Internet, is it a tool for change or oppression? DVD Only

Let There Be Light (drama, Kevin Sorbo, Sam Jenkins) – Christian drama about a famous atheist. Yeah, I don’t know, people. DVD Only

Just Getting Started (action, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones) – Folks with disparate backgrounds come together to protect their small resort community. DVD Only

Quest (documentary) – Following a special family in North Philadelphia for almost ten years. DVD Only

The Neighbor (thriller, William Fichtner, Jessica McNamee) – Man finds himself involved in new neighbors, one of whom may be abusive. DVD Only

The Man From Earth: Holocene (sci-fi, Vanessa Williams, Sterling Knight) – This looks interesting. A man reveals that he is actually an immortal caveman. Huh. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

iZombie – Season 4 (TV dramedy, Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin) – Another one that streams in Canada as it airs on the CW in the U.S. I really like this zombie-cop-medical examiner show. Canada

February 26th


El Vato – Season 2 (foreign TV comedy, El Dasa, Cristina Rodlo) – Spanish language show about a Mexican singer trying to succees in L.A. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Sin Senos sí Hay Paraíso – Season 2 (foreign TV drama, Majida Issa, Fabian Rios) – Spanish language story of a woman looking for revenge against the mafia that controls her town. Instant Streaming only, downloadable

The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards (drama/comedy, James Franco, Jacob Loeb) – Anthology of short films based on short stories by Rober Boswell. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Winnie (documentary) – Winnie Mandela biodoc. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

People You May Know (dramedy, Nick Thune, Halston Sage) – There is already a movie by this name streaming – this is a new one about an introvert who steps into the world of social media and discovers how easy it is to make up a life. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Red Pill (documentary) – A woman looks at the men’s rights movement. DVD Only

February 24th


Jeepers Creepers 3 (horror, Gina Phillips, Jonathan Breck) – This third (and last?) installment of the Creeper franchise has been out on DVD since December, now it’s Available on Instant Streaming, downloadable.

February 23rd


Marseille – Season 2 (foreign TV drama, Gerard Depardieu, Benoit Magimel) – French language series about the mayor of Marseilles. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Seven Seconds – Season 1 (TV drama, Claire-Hope Ashitey, Regina King) – The death of teenager in New Jersey sets the stage for a cover-up and more. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Ugly Delicious – Season 1 (TV cooking, David Chang, Peter Meehan) – International foodie heaven as a celeb chef looks for the best tasting food in the world. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Mute (sci-fi, Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux) – FANTASTIC cast for this movie about a bartender searching for his missing girlfriend. I will absolutely be seeing this. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 21st


The Bachelors (drama, J.K. Simmons, Josh Wiggins) – Recently widowed teacher and his teenage son look for a fresh start by moving. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Forgotten (foreign thriller, Ha-Neul Kang, Mu-Yeol Kim) – Korean language story of a kidnapping, amnesia, and a search for answers. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Twin Peaks 2017 – Season 1 (TV drama, Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee) – Who remembers when this David Lynch series first showed up on TV 25 years ago? I do – and it was wonderfully weird. TV has changed a lot since then, but I’m still willing to take a shot on this series reboot (also known as Twin Peaks: The Return). There is a possibility of a second season, but it will take a good long while, this one was many years in the making. DVD Only for now – no idea if it will stream.

Daddy’s Home 2 (comedy, Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg) – This met with some resistance because of the presence of Mel Gibson in the cast, which is too bad because the first installment was far funnier than it had any right to be. The rest of the cast is fantastic – everyone is going to have to decide for themselve son this one. DVD Only

The Florida Project (drama, Willem Dafoe, Brooklynn Prince) – This Academy Award nominated (Defoe as Supporting Actor) story of a childhood of poverty a stone’s throw from Disney World has garnered a ton of critical praise. I’ll definitely be seeing it. DVD Only

Same Kind of Different as Me (drama, Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger) – Feel-good story of a man who befriends a homeless man as he attempts to repair his marriage. I really like Kinnear, I’ll see it. DVD Only

Mom and Dad (comedy, Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair) – Dark comedy/horror about kids trying to keep their parents from killing them as something compels parents worldwide to take out their offspring. DVD Only

Steve McQueen: American Icon (documentary) – Steve McQueen biodoc. DVD Only

February 20th


Bates Motel – Season 5 (TV drama, Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore) – This is the final season of young Norman Bates. It didn’t used to be a streamer, but now all five seasons are Available on Instant Streaming, downloadable

The Frankenstein Chronicles – Seasons 1-2 (TV drama, Sean Bean, Richie Campbell) – Period piece set in 19th century London about a Frankenstein like body that washes ashore, perplexing detectives. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 19th


FullMetal Alchemist (foreign action, Ryôsuke Yamada, Tsubasa Honda) – Japanese language live action version of the popular anime series. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 18th


The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale (comedy/talk) – Funnyman Joel McHale takes on pop culture and more in this new weekly show. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 17th


Blood Money (thriller, Ellar Coltrane, Willa Fitzgerald) – This found money thriller has been out for DVD subscribers for a couple of months, now it’s Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

A Perfect Day (drama, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko) – Sent to remove a body that is contaminating the water supply, aid workers find the job much more difficult than imagined. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Nightworld (thriller, Jason London, Robert Englund) – Former L.A. cop finds no rest at his new job in Bulgaria. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 16th


Everything Sucks! – Season 1 (TV drama, Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Peyton Kennedy) – Teen angst in the 90s. I’ll totally watch this. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

First Team: Juventus – Season 1 (docuseries) – Want to follow an Italian soccer team around? Here’s your chance! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Irreplaceable You (dramedy, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michiel Huisman) – A young woman with cancer tries to prepare her fiance for life without her. This drama/comedy has an excellent supporting cast including Steve Coogan, Christopher Walken and Kate McKinnon. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 15th


Re: Mind – Season 1 (foreign thriller, Mao Iguchi, Sarina Ushio ) – Japanese language mystery about high school kids trapped in a mysterious dining room. It looks like this is a mini-series, no indication of a second season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Deep Undercover Collection – Collection 2 (docuseries, Dave B. Mitchell) – True crime series about undercover operations. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 14th


Love Per Square Foot (foreign comedy, Vicky Kaushal, Angira Sahai) – In a combination of English and Hindi, this is Netflix’s first Indian original movie. It’s about a couple who marries so they can afford a home. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 13th


Teenage Cocktail (thriller, Nichole Bloom, Fabianne Therese) – New girl in school teams up with new friend to try and get out of small town. Instant Streaming Available

Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric (documentary) – A look at gender identity. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Water & Power: A California Heist (documentary) – A look at the struggles of small towns and farmers in the battle for California water rights. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Wound (foreign drama, Nakhane Touré, Bongile Mantsai) – Xhosa language story of a closeted man in South Africa facing the revealing of his secret. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Thumper (thriller, Pablo Schreiber, Eliza Taylor) – High school kid is a drug lord, new friend has an even more dangerous (!) secret. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Sinner – Season 1 (TV drama, Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman) – I watched this series about the mysterious motives for a murder when it aired. It’s good. There is no second season as of now, since it was created as a mini-series, but there has been some chatter because it was really successful for the USA network. DVD Only for now, no idea if it will stream.

Wonder (drama, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson) – A young boy with a facial deformity goes to public school for the first time. I read this book, it’s good. DVD Only

Roman J. Israel, Esq. (thriller, Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell) – A defense attorney finds out his new firm is not what he thought. This one got Washington an Oscar nom. DVD Only

Tragedy Girls (comedy/horror, Alexandra Shipp, Brianna Hildebrand) – Social media wannabes hatch a plan for stardom involving a serial killer. DVD Only

The Ballad of Lefty Brown (western, Bill Pullman, Kathy Baker) – In the wild west, sometimes you have to seek revenge for the murder of your senator-elect ranch owning boss. DVD Only

Hellraiser: Judgement (horror, Heather Langenkamp, Randy Wayne) – There are a whole lot of these now, apparently everyone loves Pinhead. DVD Only

Blade of the Immortal (foreign action, Takuya Kimura, Hana Sugisaki) – Japanese language swordsman revenge story based on a manga. DVD Only

Hazlo Como Hombre (foreign comedy, Mauricio Ochmann, Alfonso Dosal) – Friend comes out as gay, other friend has issues with it. Spanish language. DVD Only

Sami Blood (foreign drama, Lene Cecilia Sparrok, Mia Erika Sparrok) – Swedish language story of a young girl who turns away from her culture as she realizes how it negatively impacts her opportunities. DVD Only

Rebels on Pointe (documentary) – Telling the story of New York City’s Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, which is a drag ballet company founded in 1974. DVD Only

Dealt (documentary) – The story of a blind magician who specializes in card tricks. DVD Only

Flint (drama, Queen Latifah, Betsy Brandt) – Biopic about the families that broke open the Flint water crisis. DVD Only

Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield (foreign action, Chen Chang, Mi Yang) – Mandarin language period piece set in 17th century China. Imperial guard teams up with a woman to clear his name. DVD Only

February 11th


Sleeping Giant (drama, Jackson Martin, Reece Moffett) – Coming of age with ne’er do well cousins on Lake Superior. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 9th


Fate/Apocrypha Part 2 (anime, Natsuki Hanae, Maaya Sakamoto) – Mages and Grails an Holy Wars. I don’t understand anime, but if you do, here you go. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman – George Clooney (talk, David Letterman) – First off, props for the longest title ever. We recently watched the first installment with Barack Obama and despite Letterman looking like the Unibomber, it was excellent. Looking forward to this one. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Seeing Allred (documentary) – Gloria Allred biodoc. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

When We First Met (comedy, Adam DaVine, Alexandra Daddario) – Magic photo booth gives a guy a groundhog Day like chance to get a girl to fall for him. That’s actually creepy. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Ritual (thriller, Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali) – Oooh, this looks fun! A group of English chaps sets off on a shortcut through a Swedish forest during a nature vacation. Things do not go smoothly. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Trader (Sovdagari) (foreign documentary short) – Georgian language doc about a traveling trader, selling goods for potatoes. A look at poverty in the Republic of Georgia. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

Baywatch (action, Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron) – You guys get Baywatch! Fine, it isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it’s pretty fun. Canada

February 8th


The Emoji Movie (family animation, T.J. Miller, James Corden) – Ugh, this looks so stupid. If you’re going to animate something, don’t make it emojis, seriously. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

6 Days (action, Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish) – Bio-drama set in 1980 London, where hostages are taken inside the Iranian Embassy. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

February 7th


Queer Eye – Season 1 (reality TV, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown) – Yep, same premise, new guys! I’m looking forward to this as a primer for the fashion challenged men in my life. *cough* Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Imposters – Season 1 (TV dramedy, Inbar Lavi, Rob Heaps) – A Bravo channel show about a woman who marries and robs – and the marks that throw her off her game. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 6th


Valor – Season 1 (TV drama, Matt Barr, Christina Ochoa) – This CW show is about soldiers returning from an unsuccessful mission and their return to their lives while keeping details secret. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Fred Armisen: Standup for Drummers (comedy special) – I have no idea what this really is, but I’ll check it out because Fred Armisen is hilarious. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Homeland – Season 6 (TV drama, Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin) – I’m still really enjoying this show – this season moves to New York. This is not a streamer, so DVD Only. Season 7 debuts on Showtime on Feb. 11th.

Taboo – Season 1 (TV drama, Tom Hardy, Jessie Buckley) – I had a really hard time keeping track of what was going on in this East India Company period piece, but it got pretty good ratings. There are two more seasons in the works. It’s DVD Only for now, I have no idea if it will stream.

A Bad Moms Christmas (comedy, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell) – I wanted to see this on Christmas Eve! It feels a little out of season now. But yeah, I’ll still rent it. DVD Only

Aida’s Secrets (documentary) – Oh, this looks interesting. Brothers, both born in a post WWII refugee camp, learn both of each other’s existence and of a family secret. I’m putting this on the queue. DVD Only

Big Bear (comedy, Joey Kern, Adam Brody) – Wedding canceled? Why not have the bachelor party anyway! There might be a few surprises though… DVD Only

Ice Mother (foreign drama, Zuzana Kronerová, Pavel Novy) – Czech language story about a woman and ice swimming, which I’ve never heard of. DVD Only

Parker’s Anchor (drama, Jennica Schwartzman, Penny Johnson) – Woman returns to hometown after series of unfortunate events, looking at her life in a new way. DVD Only

I Am Another You (documentary) – On her first visit to the U.S., Chinese born director Nanfu Wang meets and chronicles the life of a homeless man. This looks good. DVD Only

Inflame (foreign thriller, Algi Eke, Özgür Çevik) – Turkish language thriller about a woman’s recurring nightmares. DVD Only

LBJ (drama, Woody Harrelson, Michael Stahl-David) – What an interesting casting choice for Johnson in this biopic. DVD Only

Battlecreek (drama, Bill Skarsgård, Paula Malcomson) – A young man who can’t be exposed to sunlight meets a mysterious woman at a diner. That’s Alexander Skarsgård’s younger brother in the lead role (and yes, he’s also Pennywise in IT). DVD Only

Only the Brave (drama, Josh Brolin, Miles Teller) – True story of firefighters who died in Arizona in 2013 fighting a wildfire. DVD Only

The Stray (family, Michael Cassidy, Sarah Lancaster) – A fractured family is pulled together by a dog. DVD Only

Suburbicon (comedy, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore) – Dark comedy set in the 1957 suburbs, where priorities are not what they should be. I’ll see this. DVD Only

An Uncommon Grace (Made-for-TV drama, Jes Macallan, Sean Faris) – Hallmark gives us some murder, some romance, and some Amish country. If I see it I won’t admit it. DVD Only

Tom of Finland (foreign Drama, Pekka Strang, Lauri Tilkanen) – Finnish language biopic of a man who, in post WWII Finland, made art that fought the anti-homosexuality culture of the time. DVD Only

All I See Is You (thriller, Blake Lively, Jason Clarke) – After regaining the sight she lost as a child, a woman sees her marriage differently. So to speak. DVD Only

24 Hours to Live (thriller, Ethan Hawke, Rutger Hauer) – Oh, assassins, you and your resurrections. Wait, what? I might actually see this. DVD Only

Red Dog: True Blue (family, Levi Miller, Bryan Brown) – This is apparently a prequel to a 2011 movie, of which I have never heard. It’s about a boy and his dog. DVD Only

Accident Man (action, Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson) – This hitman is looking for revenge. REVENGE! DVD Only

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton (documentary) – The surfing legend tells his story. DVD Only

Keep Watching (thriller, Bella Thorne, Ioan Gruffudd) – Oh my. Teen angst meets home invasion meets TMI internet streaming. DVD Only

Walking Out (drama, Matt Bomer, Josh Wiggins) – Kid has to save his dad after a run-in with a bear they try to kill. DVD Only

Day of the Dead: Bloodline (horror, Sophie Skelton, Johnathon Schaech) – Remake of Day of the Dead. The Netflix page says George Romero is in this, but he died last year and isn’t in the IMDb credits, so I think not. DVD Only

Victor Crowley (horror, Parry Shen, Kane Hodder) – This appears to be part of the “Hatchet” series and is intended to be gross and funny. It’s a slasher movie. DVD Only

Madtown (thriller, Milo Ventimiglia, Rachel Melvin) – A comedian’s sister, who killed their parents, is released from prison, shaking up his world. DVD Only

Blame (drama, Chris Messina, Quinn Shephard) – Teenager has inappropriate relationship with teacher, and a nasty mean-girl nemesis. DVD Only

Shot (drama, Noah Wyle, Sharon Leal) – A man’s life is changed after an accidental shooting. I love Noah Wyle, so I’ll see this. DVD Only

Extraordinary Mission (foreign action, Xuan Huang, Long Duan) – Mandarin language story of an undercover cop who gets addicted to his target’s product. DVD Only

Welcome to Willits (horror, Bill Sage, Sabina Gadecki) – Paranoia, pot farming, and alien abduction all in one dark comedy/horror. DVD Only

Stratton (action, Dominic Cooper, Gemma Chan) – Terrorist espionage bio-weapon movie. DVD Only

Living Among Us (horror, John Heard, Thomas Ian Nicholas) – One of John Heard’s last movies, vampire neighbors try to prove they’re regular folks. DVD Only

Kill Order (action, Denis Akiyama, Jonny Caines) – Teenager has super skills he doesn’t know about and there are people after him. I might see this one. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Black Lightning – Season 1 (TV action, Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams) – This superhero show is another one that you get one episode a week of while it airs on the CW. Enjoy! Canada

February 5th

Canada Streaming

24: Legacy – Season 1 (TV action, Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto) – Seriously you guys, we don’t even have this on DVD yet. Will you tell me if it’s any good? Canada

February 4th


The Cloverfield Paradox (action, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo) – So Netflix dropped this third Cloverfield movie by surprise right after the Super Bowl, which is pretty cool. It’s about scientists orbiting a planet trying to solve an energy crisis. All, obviously, does not go as planned. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

February 2nd


Altered Carbon – Season 1 (TV sci-fi, Joel Kinnaman, James Purefoy) – Good cast for this 250 years in the future sci-fi series about a prisoner who needs to solve a murder. I’ll definitely be seeing this. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Coach Snoop – Season 1 (TV docuseries, Snoop Dogg) – A look at a football league started by Snoop Dogg for inner city kids to help steer them in the right direction. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Cabin Fever (horror, Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario) – Remake of the 2002 film about college kids going to an isolated cabin, where bad things happen. Stop going to isolated cabins, college kids!! Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

On Body and Soul (foreign drama, Ildiko Enyedi, Alexandra Borbély) – Hungarian language story of slaughterhouse workers who share the same dream. Literally, the same one every night. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Kevin Jay: Everybody Calm Down! (comedy special) – British comedian stand-up. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Axolotl Overkill (foreign drama, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Arly Jover) – German language story of a teenager, basically on her own, finding love and role models. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

The Mindy Project – Season 6 (TV comedy, Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina) – This one doesn’t stream at all in the U.S.! Maybe someday I’ll actually see it. Canada

February 1st


Z Nation – Season 4 (TV action, Nat Zang, Russell Hodgkinson) – I really like this quirky zombie show, but now I’m THREE seasons behind! I need to get on this one! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

42 Grams (documentary, Jake Bickelhaupt) – The story of a chef going from an illegal home-based restaurant to celeb status in under a year. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

How The Beatles Changed the World (documentary, Tony Bramwell, Robert Christgau) – A new look at the iconic band and their worldwide impact. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken (music) – I think this is the Chicago performance of his latest tour. Interesting – I haven’t seen a lot of concerts on Netflix. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable.

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (documentary, Kimberleigh Andrews, Kim Biddle) – A look at hook-up culture (including the pervasiveness of sexual violence) and how it is influenced by pop-culture. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Paint it Black (drama, Alia Shawkat, Janet McTeer) – Directed by Amber Tamblyn, the story of two women trying to cope with the suicide of a man they both loved. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

Riverdale – Season 2 (TV drama, K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart) – This Archie comics re-imagining will stream in tandem with the airing on the CW in the U.S., one week at a time. Canada

Damnation – Season 1 (TV drama, Killian Scott, Logan Marshall-Green) – This is a USA network series about the Midwest in the 1930s, where farmers and industrialists clashed. Canada

Dynasty 2017 – Season 1 (TV drama, Grant Show, Elizabeth Gillies) – This CW remake of the 80s show is another one that will stream a week at a time as it airs in the U.S. Canada



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