Netflix Instant Streaming and DVD Release Dates

Netflix logoHere you have it! 2018 Netflix Instant Streaming and DVD release dates as they become available (you can find 2011 here,  2012 here, 2013 here 2014 here, 2015 here 2016 here, and 2017 here).  I’ll add to it every week as information becomes available. One Stop Shopping for Netflix Release Dates. Gotta love it.

You can tell at a glance which content is available to you, depending on your subscription plan.  Red Subheadings tell you if the titles are DVD or Instant Streaming, U.S. or Canada. Green Subheadings are for Amazon Prime Instant Streaming titles. You’ll find some TV series Hulu, AcornTV, and other platforms information in Pink. I can only include selected Canadian Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu titles – TV series and hot new movies. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to put in more! If you’re wondering about something, leave a comment and I’ll try to dig it up.  Here’s how you can tell which content is available on your plan:

DVD Only = Available to rent only for those with a DVD subscription.  This is going to be most new movies.  Quite a bit of TV starts out this way and streams later (and some movies).

Instant Streaming Only = Available only for those with an Instant Streaming subscription.  Netflix Exclusives tend to start out here and maybe become available on DVD later.

Instant Streaming Available = Available for all subscription types!  This is content that you can rent on a DVD or stream instantly.  The Holy Grail of Netflix content.

With no further ado, fire up your DVD player (or your Roku 3, Fire Stick or Xbox), and here are your release dates! 

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2018 Netflix Releases

Coming in September

Young Sheldon – Season 1 (9/5 DVD)

Timeless – Season 2 (9/5 DVD)

Modern Family – Season 9 (DVD 9/5)

This Is Us – Season 2 (DVD 9/5)

Bull – Season 2 (DVD 9/5)

Big Bang Theory – Season 11 (DVD 9/11)

Scorpio – Season 4 (DVD 9/11)

American Horror Story – Season 7 (DVD 9/11)

Coming in August

Seal Team – Season 1 (DVD 8/14 – did not show up)

Ash vs Evil Dead – Season 3 (DVD 8/21, Streaming at some point – tentative)

The Coroner – Season 2 (DVD 8/21 – tentative)

The Blacklist – Season 5 (Canada Streaming – maybe US as well? – 8/27)

The Good Place – Season 2 (Streaming 8/28)

Once Upon a Time – Season 7 (DVD 8/28)

Chicago Fire – Season 6 (DVD 8/28)

Criminal Minds – Season 13 (DVD 8/28 – Streaming at some point)

S.W.A.T. – Season 1 (DVD 8/28)

Lucifer – Season 3 (DVD 8/28)

NCIS: Los Angeles – Season 9 (DVD 8/28)

Wayward Pines – Season 2 (DVD 8/28)

Ozark – Season 2 (Streaming 8/31 – YESSSSSSSSSSS!)

Paradise PD – Season 1 (Streaming 8/31)

The Comedy Line-Up – Part 2 (Streaming 8/31)

August 24th


The Innocents – Season 1 (TV drama, Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott) – This is a British show about teenage runaways – one of whom has mysterious abilities. Also with Guy Pearce. Yes, please! Instant Streaming Only, don’t know if downloadable

Ghoul – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Rohit Pathak, Radhika Apte) – This thriller series about a military prisoner is made in India, and is in both English and Hindi. It looks super creepy! Instant Streaming Only, don’t know if downloadable

The After Party (comedy, Kyle Harvey, Harrison Holzer) – Dreaming of hip-hop stardom in a late night comedy. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know yet if downloadable

Bert Kreischer: Secret Time (comedy special) – This is a stand-up special starring a comedian who wears no shirt. Go figure. Instant Streaming Only, probably downloadable

Canada Streaming

Downsizing (comedy, Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig) – The small spaces movement gets extreme. I really liked this one. It’s still DVD Only in the U.S., but it’s Canada Streaming Available

August 23rd


Follow This – Season 1 (docuseries) – Tagging along with Buzzfeed reporters. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know if it will be downloadable

Deadwind – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Pihla Viitala, Lauri Tilkanen) – Finnish language series about a murder investigation in Helsinki. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know if it’s downloadable

August 22nd

Canada Streaming

How to Get Away With Murder – Season 4 (TV drama, Viola Davis, Billy Brown) – This has been streaming since April in the U.S, and now is coming to Canada! It has been renewed for a fifth season. Canada Streaming Available

Marlon – Season 1 (TV comedy, Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins) – The U.S. isn’t getting the second season of this co-parenting comedy yet, but Canada is! Canada Streaming Only

August 21st

DVD Subscribers

The Walking Dead – Season 8 (TV drama, Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs) – Right on time! Season 9 is about to start on AMC. This one is a streamer, but not sure when, DVD Only for now.

NCIS – Season 15 (TV drama, Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette) – This one has been going for a decade and a half – crazy! There was a little behind the scenes drama this past season, but the show has been renewed for another year. It is a streamer, but I don’t know when, so DVD Only for now.

Gotham – Season 4 (TV drama, Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue) – This successful Batman-ish prequel series has been renewed for a fifth and final season. It is a streamer, but I don’t know when, so DVD Only for now.

The Terror – Season 1 (TV drama, Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies) – This looks so good! The story of a ship looking for the Northwest Passage finds that something is stalking them. Based on real events. I have no idea if this will stream, so it’s DVD Only for now. There is a second season coming on AMC.

Blindspot – Season 3 (TV drama, Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton) – I haven’t tried this show about an amnesiac woman with tattoos that tell her story, but it has been renewed for a 4th season. It isn’t a streamer on Netflix, so DVD Only, but you can find it on Hulu

Masters of Sex – Seasons 3 and 4 (TV drama, Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan) – Exporing the lives of Masters & Johnson continues. This one is not a streamer on Netflix, so DVD Only. These are the final seasons, and I can’t find it streaming anywhere.

Deadpool 2 (action, Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin) – I. Am. So. Excited. DVD Only

God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness (drama, David A.R. White, John Corbett) – A fire, a church, a university, and estranged brothers come together for some drama. DVD Only

Show Dogs (family, Will Arnett, Ludacris) – A detective and his canine partner go undercover at the dog show. DVD Only

First Reformed (thriller, Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried) – A pastor embraces environmentalism, which weirdly results in a thriller. DVD Only

Bleeding Steel (sci-fi, Jackie Chan, Tess Haubrich) – Special Forces bodyguard bonds with his charge. DVD Only

Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story (documentary, Kevyn Aucoin, Cher) – Bio-doc about the New York make-up artist. DVD Only

The Coolest Guy Movie Ever (documentary, Lawrence Montaigne) – A one hour doc of trivia about the movie The Great Escape. DVD Only

The Only Living Boy in New York (drama, Callum Turner, Kate Beckinsale) – Oh my. Recent college grad is adrift, with his father’s mistress pursuing him. DVD Only

Love and Bananas: An Elephant Story (documentary, Ashley Bell) – The story of a group of people rescuing an elderly elephant. DVD Only

Always at the Carlyle (documentary, George Clooney, Sofia Coppola) – Story of the Carlyle Hotel in NYC. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

The Sinner – Season 1 (TV drama, Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman) – I liked this twisty thriller, the second season is airing now on the USA network. It has been streaming in the U.S. for a while, now it’s available in Canada as well. Canada Streaming Available

August 19th


The Investigator: A British Crime Story – Season 2 (TV drama, Mark Williams-Thomas, Rick Warden) – A woman searches for her mother years after her disappearance. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

August 17th


Disenchantment – Season 1 (TV adult animation, Nat Faxon, Abbi Jacobson) – This animated princess would rather party than rule. From the creator of The Simpsons. I don’t usually do animation, but I’ll check this out. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know yet if downloadable

Magic for Humans – Season 1 (TV reality, Justin Willman) – Magician on the street, getting laughs. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know yet if downloadable

Stay Here – Season 1 (TV reality) – People turning rental houses into something better. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know yet if downloadable

Ultraviolet – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Viet Anh Do, Karolina Chapko) – Polish language series about a woman who witnesses a crime and gathers internet sleuths to help her solve it. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know yet if downloadable

The Motive (foreign dramedy, Javier Gutiérrez, María León) – Spanish language movie about an aspiring writer with limited talent who begins to write about his neighbors. It does not go over well. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know if downloadable

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (comedy, Lana Condor, Noah Centineo) – Teen rom/com about a girl whose crush letters are revealed. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know yet if downloadable

August 15th


The 100 – Season 5 (TV drama, Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley) – Life is still uncertain both in space and on the surface. It has been renewed for a sixth season. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Adventures in Public School (comedy, Judy Greer, Daniel Doheny) – Coming of age comedy about a home-schooled kid who sneaks into public school to meet a girl. Instant Streaming Only, don’t know if downloadable

Hostiles (western, Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike) – This has been available on DVD for a while, it’s set in 1892 and is about an army captain escorting a Cheyenne family. Instant Streaming Available, don’t know yet if downloadable

Canada Streaming

Homeland – Season 6 (TV drama, Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin) – Another one Canada gets to stream but the U.S. does not. Enjoy! Canada Streaming Only

August 14th

DVD Subscribers

NCIS: New Orleans – Season 4 (TV drama, CCH Pounder, Lucas Black) – NCIS and its spin-off keep chugging along. This one is not a streamer on Netflix so DVD Only, but you can catch it on CBS All Access.

Mr Mercedes – Season 1 (TV drama, Brendan Gleeson, Harry Treadaway) – I didn’t completely love the Stephen King books on which this series is based, but I’m definitely curious about what they do with the character in the series. I have no idea if it will stream, so DVD only for now. The show appeared on the AT&T Audience channel, which I’ve never heard of but is apparently only available on DirecTV. Looks like a DVD rental is our best bet. Season 2 premiers on Audience on Aug. 22.

The Blacklist – Season 5 (TV drama, James Spader, Megan Boone) – I didn’t record this season (too many other things that night) so I hope this comes to streaming shortly! For now it’s DVD Only. It has been renewed for a 6th season

Operation Red Sea (foreign action, Zhang Yi, Johnny Huang) – Mandarin language story of an elite team rescuing 600 people from Yemen. DVD Only

Shock and Awe (drama, Woody Harrelson, Rob Reiner) – Amazing cast (including Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Biel, James Marsden and more) for this drama about the Bush administration convincing the public Iraq had WMDs. DVD Only

How to Talk to Girls at Parties (sci-fi, Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp) – Alien invasion set in 1970s London punk party. DVD Only

Bad Samaritan (thriller, David Tennant, Robert Sheehan) – Burglars, meet killer. That is one unlucky house. DVD Only

The Yellow Birds (drama, Tye Sheridan, Alden Ehrenreich) – Military investigator and grieving mother try to find out what happened to soldier in Iraq. DVD Only

The House of Tomorrow (drama, Ellen Burstyn, Nick Offerman) – Coming of age story about a boy raised in a geodesic dome. Seriously. It looks…interesting. DVD Only

Higher Power (sci-fi, Ron Eldard, Colm Feore) – Gamma rays, superpowers, mad scientists. OH MY! DVD Only

The Escape (drama, Gemma Arterton, Dominic Cooper) – Stay at home mom flees, in search of her own happiness. DVD Only

Blood Mountain (horror, Stafford Perry, Joshua Murdoch) – Estranged brothers hit serious snag on a biking expedition. DVD Only

Who We Are Now (drama, Julianne Nicholson, Zachary Quinto) – Really good cast for this story of a woman and her husband refusing to give her sister’s child back after a prison sentence. DVD Only

The Happys (comedy, Amanda Bauer, Jack DePew) – Young woman unexpectedly on her own in L.A. reaches out to eclectic neighbors. DVD Only

August 10th


All About the Washingtons – Season 1 (TV comedy, Joey Simmons, Justine Simmons) – Hip-hop artist and family balance a new family dynamic after he retires. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

72 Dangerous Animals: Asia – Season 1 (TV docuseries, Bob Brisbane) – Pretty self explanatory, but this looks like a cool series! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Afflicted – Season 1 (TV docuseries) – Seven people try to get answers about their chronic illnesses. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Insatiable – Season 1 (TV dramedy, Dallas Roberts, Debby Ryan) – This series about a formerly overweight girl seeking revenge has been ripped to shreds before it even debuts due to the main character using a “fat suit”. Yikes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

La Casa de las Flores – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Veronica Castro, Aislinn Derbez) – Spanish language series filled with family intrigue and romance. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Million Pound Menu – Season 1 (TV reality) – Aspiring restaurateurs open pop-up restaurants for potential investors. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Zion (documentary, Zion Clark) – A biodoc about a high school wrestler born without legs. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Package (comedy, Daniel Doheny, Geraldine Viswanathan) – A spring break camping trip goes very wrong. I can absolutely see myself watching this in secret. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (drama, Lily James, Michiel Huisman) – WWII period piece based on the novel about an English woman learning about a book club formed during the German occupation. Instant Streaming, downloadable

Demitri Martin: The Overthinker (comedy special) – Stand-up special – this looks pretty funny. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Breadwinner (family animation, Saara Chaudry, Ali Rizvi Badshah) – Story of a girl in Afghanistan under the Taliban forced to pretend to be a boy to support the family. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Aliens Ate My Homework (family, William Shatner, Dan Payne) – This is based on a series of books about a couple of kids helping out some friendly aliens. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Porto (drama, Anton Yelchin, Lucie Lucas) – Two movies starring the late Anton Yelchin this week. This one is a love story. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Kickboxer: Retaliation (action, Alain Moussi, Christopher Lambert) – This also stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson. I don’t think we need to know more. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

I Remember You (foreign thriller, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Anna Gunndís Guðmundsdóttir) – Icelandic language story of suicide, home renovation, and paranormal entities. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Freak Show (comedy, Alex Lawther, Abigail Breslin) – Teenager with a fashion flare goes to live with his father and faces less than tolerant classmates. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Outlander – Season 3 (TV drama, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan) – I am really jealous that this story of time travel and romance streams in Canada and not in the U.S. But enjoy! (It’s only available to stream on Starz in the U.S., but Netflix does have the DVDs for disc subscribers) Canada Streaming Only

August 9th


The Originals – Season 5 (TV sci-fi, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies) – This one doesn’t even come to DVD anymore, it’s Instant Streaming Only, downloadable. This is the final season.

Perdida (foreign drama, Luisana Lopilato, Amaia Salamanca) – Spanish language story of a woman searching for her friend in Patagonia. Secrets are uncovered. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

August 7th


The Music of Silence (drama, Toby Sebastian, Luisa Ranieri) – Andrea Bocelli biopic. This has been streaming for awhile, now also available on DVD. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Good Doctor – Season 1 (TV drama, Freddie Highmore, Richard Schiff) – A young surgeon with autism struggles to connect with his peers. This one is DVD Only on Netflix. It has been renewed for a second season. I can only find it streaming on ABC Go, but you might want to check your On Demand.

Aardvark (drama, Zachary Quinto, Jenny Slate) – Therapist falls for client’s older brother. Also starring Jon Hamm – I’ll see this one just for the great cast. DVD Only

Measure of a Man (drama, Blake Cooper, Donald Sutherland) – Looks like a pretty typical coming of age story. It’s based on a book, and apparently a period piece. DVD Only

The Miracle Season (drama, Helen Hunt, Erin Moriarty) – Based on the true story of a high school volleyball team dealing with the death of a player. DVD Only

Life of the Party (comedy, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph) – Oh, yes, I will watch Melissa McCarthy go back to college with her daughter. Yes indeed. DVD Only

Breaking In (thriller, Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke) – Woman goes all out trying to rescue kids from kidnappers. DVD Only

The Rider (drama, Brady Jandreau, Cat Clifford) – Former rodeo rider has to find a new path. DVD Only

On Chesil Beach (drama, Saoirse Ronan, Billy Howle) – This period piece taking place in 1962 London is a book adaptation about social class and a wedding night. I’m intrigued. DVD Only

Revenge (thriller, Matilda Lutz, Kevin Janssens) – Huh. Victim of violence seeks revenge, supposedly with lots of social commentary. DVD Only

Marrowbone (horror, George MacKay, Anya Taylor Joy) – Siblings hide death of mother, then have to deal with a ghost in the house. Damn, times are hard for this fam. DVD Only

2036 Origin Unknown (sci-fi, Katee Sackhoff, Ray Fearon) – There’s a cube in the cover art for this movie that looks a little Borg-ish. That alone makes me willing to give this space adventure a shot. DVD Only

The Keeping Hours (drama, Lee Pace, Carrie Coon) – Man and ex-wife deal with the supernatural in their old house. DVD Only

Zama (foreign drama, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Lola Dueñas) – Spanish language period piece set in the 18th century, as a Spanish man joins hunt for a bandit. DVD Only

Inferno: Skyscraper Escape (action, Claire Forlani, Jamie Bamber) – Combination of Towering Inferno and Skyscraper? I think I’ll pass on this disaster/family bonding thing. DVD Only

Cartel 2045 (action, Danny Trejo, Alexander P. Heartman) – AKA: Juarez 2045, this is about drug cartels in Mexico in the future. DVD Only

Human Flow (documentary) – A look at the worldwide refugee crisis and the terrible conditions for displaced people around the globe. DVD Only

The Men Who Built America; Frontiersmen (documentary) – A look at a handful of famous American pioneers. DVD Only

August 6th


Death in Paradise – Season 7 (TV dramedy, Danny John-Jules, Elisabeth Bourgine) – Scotland Yard detective finds himself working in the laid back Caribbean. Instant Streaming Available

DVD Subscribers

Different Flowers (dramedy, Emma Bell, Hope Lauren) – Runaway bride finds less sympathy from Grandma than she hoped. DVD Only

House of the Witch (horror, Emily Bader, Darren Mann) – It’s about a house. With a witch in it. And teenagers. DVD Only

The Lullaby (horror, Reine Swart, Thandi Puren) – Young new mom is convinced she’s being tormented by evil. DVD Only

August 4th


On Children – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Chuan-Chen Yeh, Chunk Hsin-ling) – Mandarin language series about pressure of all kinds and how it affects children. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

August 3rd


Cocaine Coast – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Javier Rey, Antonio Duran Morris) – Portuguese language (you can also watch it in English) show set in 1980s Spain, where a fisherman becomes a drug runner. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

I Am A Killer – Season 1 (TV docuseries) – Killers discuss their crimes. Yikes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Marching Orders – Season 1 (docuseries) – A look inside the lives of the members of a college marching band. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Like Father (dramedy, Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammar) – Jilted bride takes honeymoon trip with estranged father. I love the cast here, I’ll definitely watch it. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Brij Mohan Amar Rahe! (foreign comedy, Arjun Mathur, Sheetal Thakur) – Hindi language dark comedy about a man convicted of his own murder. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

August 1st


Switched – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Daiki Shigeoka, Tomohiro Kamiyama) – Japanese language series about a high schooler whose life is stolen by a jealous classmate. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

July 31st


El Chapo – Season 3 (TV crime, Marco de la O, Humberto Busto) – Third season of a look at the rise of a Mexican drug lord. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Tunnel – Season 3 (TV drama, Stephen Dillane, Clémence Poésy) – This is the final season of this bilingual drama set around a pair of French/English detectives. This installment has them deep in the refugee crisis. This one doesn’t stream on Netflix, so DVD Only. It may be running on PBS right now, or try their site to stream it.

Murdoch Mysteries – Season 11 (TV drama, Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy) – This Toronto set period piece about Victorian era is not a streamer on Netflix, so DVD Only. There are 6 seasons available on Hulu, and all the seasons (including this one) are streaming on Acorn TV. There will be a 12th season.

Counterpart – Season 1 (TV sci-fi, J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams) – I love J.K. Simmons. Here he plays a guy discovering a parallel universe, and his counterpart in that universe. DVD Only. It has been renewed by Starz for a second season. I can only find it streaming on Starz.

Incident in Ghostland (horror, Crystal Reed, Anastasia Phillips) – A horror author goes back to the house where she experienced her own horror. DVD Only

Overboard (comedy, Anna Faris, Eugenio Derbez) – I’m not really sure this Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell comedy from the 1980s needed a remake. But if you were looking for one, here it is! DVD Only

Tully (comedy, Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis) – I’m intrigued by the premise of this movie. It’s about a woman bonding with her night nanny. It also has Mark Duplass, who I recently thought was brilliant in Goliath. On the queue it goes. DVD Only

Dark Crimes (thriller, Jim Carrey, Charlotte Gainsbourg) – Even though this is an intriguing true story of a cold case, it’s gotten terrible reviews. Too bad – looks like Carrey might have turned in a decent performance though. DVD Only

Final Portrait (drama, Geoffrey Rush, Armie Hammer) – Based on the real life friendship between a writer and an artist painting his portrait. Sounds great, and also I will see anything with Armie Hammer in it. DVD Only

Kings (drama, Halle Berry, Daniel Craig) – Set in 1992 L.A. during the riots, this is the story of a mother trying to locate her kids. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Hinterland – Season 3 (TV drama, Richard Harrington, Mali Harries) – This angsty detective in Wales drama has been streaming in the U.S. for a while, now you guys in Canada get it, too! Canada Streaming Available

July 30th


A Very Secret Service – Season 2 (foreign TV comedy, Hugo Becker, Wilfred Benaiche) – French language Secret Service Cold War comedy. Instant Streaming Only

July 29th

Amazon Prime Streaming

The Americans – Season 6 (TV drama, Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys) – This is the final season of this highly regarded Cold War series. It isn’t out at all yet on Netflix, but you can find it on Amazon Prime Streaming Only

July 28th


Shameless – Season 8 (TV dramedy, Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy) – Oh, I do love the Gallaghers! It has been renewed for a 9th season which will premiere on Showtime in September. Instant Streaming Available

July 27th


Orange is the New Black – Season 6 (TV dramedy, Taylor Shilling, Kate Mulgrew) – It’s back! Piper and company will also be back for a seventh season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Worst Witch – Season 2 (TV comedy, Bella Ramsey, Clare Higgins) – This British kids’ comedy is based on a series of books about an inept student witch. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood – Season 2 (TV docuseries, Sean Bean, Aaron Jakubenko) – This is a drama style documentary series about ancient Rome. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Welcome to the Family – Season 1 (foreign TV comedy, Melani Olivares, Ivan Massague) – Spanish language series about a single mom and her step mom who get written out of her father’s will. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable.

Extinction (sci-fi, Michael Pena, Lizzy Caplan) – Aliens killing humans! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Bleeding Edge (documentary) – Medical device industry expose. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Streaming

Eat. Race. Win. – Season 1 (docuseries) – Tour de France lovers, this one is for you! It’s about the woman who cooks for an Australian team and how you feed this kind of endurance athlete. Amazon Prime Streaming Only

July 24th


Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial (comedy special) – Stand-up comedy from a recently engaged 35-year-old looking ahead and behind. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Warning (foreign thriller, Raul Arevalo, Aura Garrido) – Spanish language story of a man finding a pattern to gas station killings and tries to get people to believe him. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

44 Pages (documentary) – The story of Highlights magazine. I loved this as a kid! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Masterpiece Mystery: Endeavor – Season 5 (TV drama, Shaun Evans, Roger Allam) – This Inspector Morse prequel series, set in the 1960’s, has been renewed for a sixth season. It isn’t a streamer on Netflix, so DVD Only, but you might be able to catch it on PBS.

Ready Player One (sci-fi, Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke) – I didn’t get around to seeing this virtual universe actioner in the theater – top of the queue! DVD Only

Super Troopers 2 (comedy, Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan) – This sequel takes the troopers to a station at the Canadian border. DVD Only

Isle of Dogs (anime, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton) – Can Wes Anderson ruin anime? I believe he can. DVD Only

Little Pink House (drama, Catherine Keener, Jeanne Tripplehorn) – Based on the true story of a woman fighting against a corporation trying to demolish her home. DVD Only

Love After Love (drama, Chris O’Dowd, Andie MacDowell) – Stressed family copes with the death of their father. DVD Only

The Con Is On (comedy, Uma Thurman, Tim Roth) – I love the leads for this heist comedy! I’ll give it a shot. DVD Only

Keep the Change (comedy, Brandon Polansky, Samantha Elisofon) – A support group leads to romance for a young man with autism. DVD Only

The Griddle House (drama, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter) – Teenager searching for his birth mother ends up at quirky diner. DVD Only

Harmonium (foreign drama, Tadanobu Asano, Mariko Tsutsui) – Japanese language story about a man, recently released from prison, becoming a less than welcome part the lives of an old friend and his family. DVD Only

Killing Joan (horror, Jamie Bernadette, Teo Celigo) – Don’t double cross the mob enforcer. Her spirit will have superpowers and seek revenge. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Better Call Saul – Season 3 (TV drama, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks) – This is already out in the U.S.! Now you can see it in Canada, too. Instant Streaming Available, Canada

Amazon Prime Streaming

Tumble Leaf – Season 4 (children’s animation) – This is an Amazon original kids’ show about a little blue fox. Aimed at a preschool audience. Amazon Prime Streaming Only

July 20th


Deep Undercover – Collection 3 (docuseries) – True stories about undercover police operations. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Dark Tourist – Season 1 (TV reality) – A docuseries about unusual tourist destinations. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazing Interiors – Season 1 (TV reality) – British show about people with eccentric homes. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot – Season 1 (foreign TV comedy, Akiyoshi Nakao, Tetsuji Tamayama) – Japanese language show about a 1980s comedian. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Father of the Year (comedy, David Spade, Nat Faxon) – Drunken college grads end up with dads fighting each other. Yikes, David Spade. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

July 18th

Canada Streaming

Queen of the South – Season 2 (TV drama, Alice Braga, Peter Gadiot) – This has been streaming in the U.S. for a while. Now it’s coming to Canada!

July 17th

DVD Subscribers

The Good Place – Season 2 (TV comedy, Kristen Bell, Ted Danson) – I really enjoy this afterlife comedy – Kristen Bell and Ted Danson are really, really funny together. This one is not a streamer on Netflix, so DVD Only – but it does stream on Hulu

The Expanse – Season 3 (TV sci-fi, Shawn Doyle Shohreh Aghdashloo) – This space drama was picked up by Netflix after being canceled by Syfy. Hopefully that means all the seasons will stream! But not yet – for now it’s DVD Only. You can watch seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime Streaming, though!

I Feel Pretty (comedy, Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel) – I don’t care for Amy Shumer’s stand-up comedy, but she can be really funny given the right acting role. I’ll definitely see this one. DVD Only

Disobedience (drama, Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams) – Great cast for this drama about a woman returning to her childhood community. DVD Only

You Were Never Really Here (thriller, Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts) – With Phoenix chances are this sex trafficking thriller will be weird, or at the least very intense. DVD Only

Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare (horror, Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey) – Be careful, the supernatural is here to punish you for a lie in this deadly game. DVD Only

Lean on Pete (drama, Charlie Plummer, Steve Buscemi) – This coming of age horse movie was supposed to come out on the 10th. It didn’t. We’ll see if it shows up on the 17th. DVD Only

Sweet Country (western, Hamilton Morris, Bryan Brown) – Period piece set in 1920’s Australia where an Aboriginal man faces an unfair trial for the death of a white man. DVD Only

211 (action, Nicolas Cage, Cory Hardrict) – Based on a true story of a cop trying to stop a bank robbery. DVD Only. This was supposed to come out on the 10th. We’ll see if it shows up on the 17th.

Traffik (thriller, Paula Patton, Omar Epps) – Going to a cabin in the woods turns out to be a bad idea when a biker gang gets involved. DVD Only

July 15th


Bonusfamiljen – Season 2 (foreign TV drama, Vera Vitali, Erik Johansson) – AKA: Bonus Family. This is a Swedish language series about managing a blended family. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

Hollywood Weapons – Season 2 (TV reality) – Not sure why the U.S. isn’t getting the second season of this show dedicated to fact checking Hollywood stunt scenes. But Canada is! Canada Streaming Only

July 13th


Sugar Rush – Season 1 (TV cooking) – Teams compete to see who can bake the best goodies. I WANT TO EAT THEM ALL. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (comedy special) – I like Hart, but don’t care much for his stand-up. I realize I’m alone in this. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Jim Jeffries: This Is Me Now (comedy special) – I can’t recall if I’ve watched one of his specials before. Anyway, it’s stand-up comedy. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

How It Ends (action, Theo James, Forest Whitaker) – Mystery disaster creates havoc, man and future father in law go in search of fiancee. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

Endless Poetry (foreign drama, Adan Jodorowsky, Brontis Jodorowsky) – Spanish language autobiographical drama set in Santiago, Chile in the 40s and 50s. DVD Only

Amazon Prime Streaming

Comicstaan – Season 1 (comedy competition) – India looks for its next top comic in this Amazon Prime original. Amazon Prime Streaming Only

July 12th

Canada Streaming

Suits – Season 7 (TV drama, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams) – Lucky Canada, gets this one streaming! Season 8 premiers on USA on the 18th of this month. Instant Streaming Available Canada Only

July 10th


Drug Lords – Season 2 (docuseries) – More drug kingpin stories. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable. No word on a third season.

DVD Subscribers

Keeping Faith – Series 1 (TV mystery, Eve Myles, Mark Lewis Jones) – British series about a lawyer suspected in her husband’s disappearance. It looks like there may be a second season of this coming. DVD Only

A Quiet Place (thriller, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt) – I’ve been waiting to see this post-apocalyptic sci-fi noise monsters movie since I decided I was too chicken to see it in the theater. Top of the queue! DVD Only

Future World (sci-fi, James Franco, Lucy Liu) – Apocalyptic dystopia on speed – this one sounds pretty bleak. I’ll see it anyway. DVD Only

Chappaquiddick (drama, Jason Clarke, Kate Mara) – Based on Ted Kennedy’s car accident that resulted in the death of a young woman. DVD Only

Krystal (dramedy, Rosario Dawson, Nick Robinson) – Boy falls for stripper, joins her AA group. He does not drink. DVD Only

The Leisure Seeker (drama, Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland) – Oh, what a great cast for this story of a couple traveling the country in an RV. I will definitely see this. DVD Only

A Ciambra (foreign drama, Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon) – Italian language coming of age! They’re everywhere! This one is about a 14-year-old who has to provide for his family. DVD Only

A Demon Within (horror, Charlene Amoia, Clint Glenn Hummel) – Gotta protect the new family from the demon in your old house, dude. DVD Only

The Price (drama, Aml Ameen, Lucy Griffiths) – Insider trading drama. DVD Only

July 6th


Anne With an E – Season 2 (TV drama, Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James) – This Anne of Green Gables period piece is back for a second season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2018: Freshly Brewed (TV talk, Jerry Seinfeld) – Jerry chats it up with a whole new round of comics. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

First Team: Juventus – Season 1, Part 2 (docuseries) – More soccer madness! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Free Rein – Season 2 (TV drama, Jaylen Barron, Manpreet Bambra) – An American girl spending the summer in England bonds with a horse, this season they’re competing. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons – Season 2 (reality TV, Paul Connolly) – This is a series that has a journalist becoming an inmate at all sorts of fierce prisons. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Fosters – Season 5 (TV drama, Teri Polo, Sherri Saum) – This modern family drama is ending with this season. But there is a spinoff in the works focusing on two of the kids. Instant Streaming Only

Sacred Games – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui) – Hindi language show about a cop trying to save Mumbai from catastrophe. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Samantha – Season 1 (foreign TV comedy, Emanuelle Araujo, Douglas Silva) – Portuguese language show about a child star trying to reclaim the fame. Instant Streaming only, downloadable

Somebody Feed Phil – Part 2 (douseries, Phil Rosenthal) – The creator of Everybody Love Raymond continues his culinary travels around the world. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Legacy of a Whitetail Hunter (action, Josh Brolin, Danny McBride) – Hunter and son try to bond during a wilderness trip. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

The Skin of the Wolf (foreign drama, Mario Casas, Irene Escolar) – Spanish language story of a lonely mountain man looking for a wife. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Canada Streaming

I, Tonya (dramedy, Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan) – Oh, lucky Canada! This is an excellent movie. Instant Streaming Available, Canada Only

July 4th


Supergirl – Season 3 (TV sci-fi, Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks) – I’m not entirely sure when this showed up, but it’s Instant Streaming Only, downloadable. There is a fourth season coming

Life Sentence – Season 1 (TV dramedy, Lucy Hale, Elliot Knight) – After learning that she is not dying, a young woman has to figure out how to live in a new way. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable. This is the only season.

Dance Academy: The Comeback (drama, Xenia Goodwin, Alicia Banit) – So I guess this movie exists to wrap up a TV show? Maybe an Australian TV show? Anyway, it’s about a group of dancers. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

July 3rd


The Comedy Line Up – Part 1 (comedy special) – A showcase where young comedians perform 15 minute sets. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

A Wrinkle in Time (family sci-fi, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon) – Fantastic cast for this adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s novel, but the reviews were pretty brutal. I’ll wait and see if it streams somewhere. DVD Only

Borg vs. McEnroe (drama, Shia LaBeouf, Sverrir Gudnason) – I actually remember this 1980 tennis match and the casting of Shia LaBeouf as McEnroe strikes me as hilarious. DVD Only

Blockers (comedy, Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz) – Parents trying to foil daughters’ plans to lose their virginity on prom night. DVD Only

Journey’s End (drama, Sam Claflin, Asa Butterfield) – WWI battlefield period piece – really good cast. DVD Only

7 Days in Entebbe (thriller, Daniel Brühl, Rosamund Pike) – Period piece based on the real hijacking of a plane in 1976. DVD Only

Finding Your Feet (comedy, Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall) – Fun cast for this British comedy about a lady of a certain age coping after a divorce with the help of her older sister. DVD Only

Beirut (thriller, Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike) – Spy/espionage thriller about a CIA agent. I love Jon Hamm, so I’ll think about it. DVD Only

Big Legend (action, Kevin Makely, Todd A. Robinson) – This is an actual bigfoot thriller! I’m so, so, so tempted….DVD Only

Where Is Kyra? (drama, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland) – The tale of the downfall of a woman after misfortune strikes. DVD Only

Submission (drama, Stanley Tucci, Addison Timlin) – Unhappy professor gets involved with a student. I love Stanley Tucci, I’ll see this. DVD Only

Immortal Wars (sci-fi, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore) – Based on a comic book series called “The Vanquishers”, this is about a dystopian society where Deviants (think X-Men) are forced to fight to the death. DVD Only

Ismael’s Ghosts (foreign drama, Mathieu Amalric, Marion Cotillard) – French language story of a movie director and the ghost of his dead lover. DVD Only

July 2nd


Good Witch – Season 4 (TV drama, Catherine Bell, James Denton) – I still haven’t started this, but when I do I predict a super-binge. It looks like season 4 will be Instant Streaming Only, downloadable. No word yet on a season 5 – 7/10, still not there. Will keep checking

The Sinner – Season 1 (TV drama, Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman) – I watched this when it aired, and it’s good. It is getting a second season, without Jessica Biel and focusing on Bill Pullman’s character. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

July 1st


Blue Bloods – Season 8 (TV drama, Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg) – Tom Selleck and the gang have been renewed for an ninth season – season 8 is Instant Streaming Only for now, downloadable

Hawaii 5-0 – Season 8 (TV drama, Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim) – I can’t believe this has already been on for eight years! There is a ninth season coming – it’s Instant Streaming Only, for now, downloadable

Madame Secretary – Season 4 (TV drama, Téa Leoni, Tim Daly) – CIA agent turned politician will be returning for a fifth season. Instant Streaming Only for now, downloadable

NCIS – Season 15 (TV drama, Mark Harmon, Brian Dietzen) – It lost a couple cast members but this crime drama will chug along with a 16th season. It’s Instant Streaming Only for now, downloadable

Queens of Comedy – Season 2 (reality TV) – Competition show for India’s top female comedian. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Rica, Famosa, Latina – Seasons 1-4 (TV reality) – This is a Spanish language show in the style of Real Housewives, set in L.A. Instant Streaming Only

Bo Burnham: what. (comedy special) – I’m sure I’ve seen his stuff before and liked it – I’ll watch this one. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

We, the Marines (documentary) – Narrated by Gene Hackman, this looks very much like a Marines propaganda film. No thanks. Instant Streaming Only

What We Started (documentary) – Electronic dance music doc. Instant Streaming Only

June 30th


Mohawk (action, Kaniehtiio Horn, Eamon Farren) – War of 1812 period piece that follows three Mohawk teenagers on the run from soldiers. This one has been out on DVD since April, now it is Available on Instant Streaming, downloadable

June 29th


Glow – Season 2 (TV comedy, Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin) – The wrestling ladies are back! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Nailed It – Season 2 (TV reality, Nicole Byer, Jaques Torres) – I didn’t like the first season of this show – too mean spirited when there’s the wonderful Great British Baking Show to watch instead of these people being set up to fail. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Paquita Salas – Season 2 (foreign TV comedy, Brays Efe, Belen Cuesta) Spanish language show about a talent agent searching for new clients. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Churchill’s Secret Agents: The New Recruits – Season 1 (TV reality) – Contestants on this show go through a spy selection process like the one from WWII Britain. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Kiss Me First – Season 1 (TV sci-fi, Tallulah Haddon, Simona Brown) – A girl and her new friend explore the underworld of a virtual reality game. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

La Foret – Season 1 (foreign TV drama, Samuel Labarthe, Suzanne Clément) – French language mini-series about a girl who goes missing in the forest. Mysteries and secrets abound! Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

La Pena Maxima (foeign comedy, Gerardo Bosco, Alejandro de la Rosa) – Spanish language story of a soccer superfan. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Recovery Boys (documentary) – Trying to recover from opioid addiction in a farm based program. This doc follows four young men. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

TAU (thriller, Maika Monroe, Ed Skrein) – Kidnapping, AI, and street smarts clash. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 26th


Secret City – Season 1 (TV drama, Anna Torv, Jacki Weaver) – A journalist gets caught up in a scandal. I like Anna Torv, I’ll give this one a shot. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (sci-fi, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher) – If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve likely already seen it. But now you can watch it over and over because it’s Available on Instant Streaming!

W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro (comedy special) – Stand up comedy from an activist comedian. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

In Darkness (thriller, Natalie Dormer, Ed Skrein) – A blind pianist hears a murder. DVD Only

The Escape of Prisoner 614 (western, Ron Perlman, Martin Starr) – This is listed as a comedy, a western, and a thriller. Go figure. It’s about fired deputies looking to get their jobs back by finding an escaped prisoner. DVD Only

Alex and Me (family, Alex Morgan, Siena Agudong) – A fantasy about a middle schooler being down and out and getting help from her soccer hero. DVD Only

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (thriller, Taraji P. Henson, Lyriq Bent) – I love Henson, but why does Perry have to put his name in the title of everything he does? It annoys me enough to see none of it. DVD Only

Escape Plan 2: Hades (action, Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista) – Hades is plan 2? It seems like that should be further down the list of possible routes. DVD Only

The Endless (horror, Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson) – The stars are also the filmmakers in this UFO cult thriller. DVD Only

Terminal (thriller, Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg) – Neonoir revenge thriller. Good cast but noir is a genre I really don’t care for. DVD Only

Spinning Man (thriller, Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan) – A professor is suspect when a student is murdered. Also with Minnie Driver. I like this cast, I’ll see this one. DVD Only

Gemini (thriller, Lola Kirke, Zoë Kravitz) – Lots of thriller this week! This one is about the complexities of celebrity as an assistant tries to solve a crime. DVD Only

Back to Burgundy (foreign drama, Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot) – French language story of siblings returning home to their ailing father. DVD Only

China Salesman (action, Mike Tyson, Steven Seagal) – That’s um, some cast. I think I’ll pass though…DVD Only

Madame (comedy, Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel) – Superstitious hostess creates problems by disguising maid as dinner guest.

Zoo (family, Art Parkinson, Toby Jones) – WWII period piece about a boy protecting a baby elephant from bombing in London. Based on a true story. DVD Only

June 24th


To Each, Her Own (foreign comedy, Sarah Stern, Jean-Christophe Folly) – Woman has confusing attraction to a man after deciding to come out to her conservative family as a lesbian. French language. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 22nd


Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 2 (TV action, Mike Colter, Alfre Woodard) – Are you like me and haven’t quite gotten around to season 1? Check out Jared’s review to see if it’s for you. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Cooking On High – Season 1 (TV reality) – A marijuana cooking competition. Oh, yes I will watch this. I wonder if there will be full bags of Doritos? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Derren Brown: Miracle (comedy special) – This is an illusionist taking a shot at faith healing. Strange? Yes. Will I watch it? Of course. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Us and Them (foreign drama, Jing Boran, Zhou Dongyu) – Mandarin language story of a love story that begins on a train. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Brain on Fire (drama, Chloe Grace Moretz, Thomas Mann) – This is a biographical drama about a reporter with mysterious symptoms looking for a diagnosis. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 19th


Dark Matter – Season 3 (TV sci-fi, Marc Bendavid, Melissa O’Neil) – This is the Syfy space drama’s last season – it’s available both on DVD and Instant Streaming, downloadable

Hannah Gadsby: Nannette (comedy special) – Australian stand-up comic. I need to watch more of these – the last few have been fantastic. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

DVD Subscribers

The Tunnel – Season 2 (TV drama, Stephen Dillane, Clémence Poésy) – Another crime is committed in the Eurotunnel, reuniting characters from the first season of this British crime drama. There is a third season. This is DVD Only on Netflix, but it is a PBS series, so you might be able to catch it on their site.

Love, Simon (drama, Nick Robinson, Josh Duhamel) – Gay teenager turns matchmaker to avoid being outed. Yikes. Also starring Jennifer Garner. DVD Only

Unsane (thriller, Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard) – Stalking victim struggles with PTSD in a psychiatric hospital. DVD Only

Furious (foreign action, Ilya Malakov, Aleksei Serebryakov) – Russian language story of battles against Mongol invaders in the 13th century. DVD Only

Pacific Rim Uprising (sci-fi, John Boyega, Scott Eastwood) – Space adventure! DVD Only

Midnight Sun (drama, Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger) – This is Arnold’s son as the love interest of a girl with a condition that makes sunlight deadly (no, she is not a vampire). DVD Only

Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate (comedy, Roy Haylock, Rachel Dratch) – This is listed as a drama on Netflix – it isn’t. It’s a sequel revenge comedy in which principal Dratch lures evil teacher Bianca to Russia. DVD Only

Flower (comedy, Zoey Deutch, Kathryn Hahn) – Dark comedy about a teenage girl looking to get back at someone who molested her friend. Also starring Adam Scott. DVD Only

Class Rank (comedy, Skyler Gisondo, Olivia Holt) – Directed by Eric Stoltz, the story of high schoolers taking on the class ranking system. I’ll see this. DVD Only

Double Lover (foreign thriller, Marine Vacth, Jérémie Renier) – French language erotic thriller about a patient falling in love with her therapist. DVD Only

The Workshop (foreign thriller, Marina Foïs, Matthieu Lucci) – French language story of a teenager attending a summer writing workshop and clashing with the teacher and other students. DVD Only

Mrs. Hyde (foreign comedy, Isabelle Huppert, Romain Duris) – Another French language movie! This one a dark comedy modern telling of the Jekyll and Hyde story with a teacher who gets struck by lightning. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Kim’s Convenience – Season 2 (TV comedy, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jean Yoon) – Korean convenience store owners in Canada. There is a third season of this one. Instant Streaming Only, Canada Only

June 18th

Amazon Prime Streaming

Suits – Season 7 (TV drama, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams) – This does not stream on Netflix, but it does on Amazon Prime!

June 17th


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 5 (TV action, Clark Gregg, Ming-na Wen) – I lost track of this series sometime during season 3, but having seen the new Avengers movie feel like catching up. It has been renewed for a sixth season. Instant Streaming Only

Club de Cuervos presenta: La balada de Hugo Sánchez (foreign TV comedy, Jesus Zavala, Ianis Guerrero) – A young assistant is put in charge of bringing a soccer team to Nicaragua for a tournament. Spanish language. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 16th


Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 (TV drama, Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers) – Yep, it’s still going. And there’s a 15th season coming! Instant Streaming Only (for now)

June 15th


Queer Eye – Season 2 (TV reality, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France) – I love this show so much! I didn’t think I would, but I DOOOO! No word yet on a season 3. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable (Canada, I don’t know if you’re getting this – someone let me know!)

The Ranch – Part 5 (comedy, Aston Kutcher, Sam Elliott) – Athlete turned ranch-hand, this comedy continues despite dismal ratings. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Sunday’s Illness (foreign drama, Bárbara Lennie, Susi Sánchez) – Spanish language story of a woman who finds the mother who abandoned her and asks her to spend 10 days together. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Lust Stories (foreign drama, Kiara Advani, Jaideep Ahlawat) – Hindi language, four short films about love and sex. It’s a sequel to Bombay Talkies. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Maktub (foreign comedy, Guy Amir, Hanan Savyon) – Hebrew language story of two criminals who want to change their ways after surviving a bombing. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Set It Up (comedy, Zoey Deutch, Pete Davidson) – Assistants match-make their bosses. It looks like the bosses are Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Streaming

Goliath – Season 2 (TV drama, Billy Bob Thornton, Nina Arianda) – I’m glad this series is back, I enjoyed Season 1. This season McBride’s young client is charged in a double murder. Amazon Prime Streaming Only

June 14th


Marlon – Season 1 (TV comedy, Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins) – Immature internet star dad co-parents two kids with his ex-wife. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 12th

DVD Subscribers

Suits – Season 7 (TV drama, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams) – This courtroom drama does not stream on Netflix, so DVD Only here, but in less than a week it’s set to come out on Amazon Prime Streaming. There is a season 8 coming, as well as a spin-off show set in Chicago starring Gina Torres.

Power – Season 4 (TV drama, Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren) – NYC club owner trying to get out of the drug dealing game continues to hit obstacles. The series has been renewed for fifth and sixth seasons. It doesn’t stream on Netflix, so DVD Only here, but it does stream on Hulu.

Black Panther (action, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan) – This came out quickly! I saw it in the theater and it’s great. DVD Only (you can also buy it on a bunch of digital platforms)

I Can Only Imagine (drama, J. Michael Finley, Madeline Carroll) – Movie about a Christian rock song. DVD Only

The Humanity Bureau (sci-fi, Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind) – An Ayd Rand-ian society where the “unproductive” are banished. DVD Only

An Ordinary Man (thriller, Ben Kingsley, Hera Hilmar) – War criminal bonds with his maid. I hope this is more nuanced than this sounds. DVD Only

Destination Wedding (romantic comedy, Alexa PenaVega, Jeremy Guilbaut) – A made-for-TV Hallmark movie about a woman planning her sister’s wedding and finding love. Yikes. DVD Only

My Letter to the World (documentary, Cynthia Nixon) – Bio-doc about Emily Dickinson. DVD Only

Juggernaut (thriller, Jack Kesy, Amanda Crew) – Did criminal’s mother commit suicide or was she murdered? DVD Only

The Strangers: Prey at Night (horror, Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson) – Oh, family vacations, so often you turn deadly at trailer parks. In horror movies. DVD Only

The Cage Fighter (documentary, Joe Carman) – 40-year-old guy decides to resume MMA fighting. YIKES. DVD Only

Paul, Apostle of Christ (drama, Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner) – Bible story. DVD Only

Beauty Mark (drama, Auden Thornton, Catherine Curtain) – In need of a place to live a woman goes to her childhood abuser. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Champions – Season 1 (TV comedy, Anders Holm, Andy Favreau) – Two brothers forced to raise the teenage son of one of them. A son who is apparently into show tunes. Okay. Instant Streaming Only, Canada Only

June 10th


Portlandia – Season 8 (sketch comedy, Fred Armison, Carrie Brownstein) – The last couple of seasons of this one have come only to streaming and haven’t made it to DVD. Season 8 is the last of the series. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 9th


Wynnona Earp – Season 2 (TV action, Melanie Scrofano, Shamier Anderson) – Demon hunter, outcast, descendant of Wyatt Earp. That’s a heavy load. I didn’t know this was a supernatural-y show, I may give it a try. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 8th


Sense8 – The Series Finale (TV drama, Tuppence Middleton, Brian J. Smith) – Fans have been both looking forward to this movie style series finale, while still mourning the lack of a third season. If you’re a fan of this trippy series (I am) you won’t want to miss seeing how the cluster fares. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Marcella – Season 2 (TV drama, Anna Friel, Nicholas Pinnock) – I really liked the first season of this British drama series about a detective who has been through a hard divorce and is having memory issues. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable. It is very likely that I will binge this.

The Staircase – Season 1 (TV docuseries) – Author Michael Peterson on trial for murder. It isn’t clear if this is a single season mini-series or if there will be more. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Ali’s Wedding (comedy, Osamah Sami, Don Hany) – Culture and romance clash. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Alex Strangelove (teen comedy, Daniel David Doheny, Madeline Weinstein) – Alex wants to lose his virginity – but to a girl or a boy? Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Amazon Prime Streaming

Lost in Oz – Season 1B (family animation, Ashley Boettcher, Grey Griffin) – Oz beyond the movie. This is an Amazon Original. Amazon Prime Streaming Only

June 7th


The Night Shift – Season 4 (TV drama, Eoin Macken, Jill Flint) – Army veteran doctor works the night shift at a Texas hospital. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 5th


iZombie – Season 4 (TV sci-fi, Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin) – I really enjoyed this season – and there will be one more. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Thor: Ragnorak (action, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston) – This is such fun! May be my fave Marvel movie to date. And now it’s Available on Instant Streaming. YAY!

DVD Subscribers

The Last Ship – Season 4 (TV drama, Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin) – Michael Bay executive produces this dystopian future series about pandemic survivors at sea. There will be just one more season. This is not a streamer on Netflix so DVD Only here, but it does stream on Hulu

The Hurricane Heist (action, Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace) – Hackers, a hurricane and a U.S. mint. What could go wrong? Also starring Ryan Kwanten. DVD Only

Gringo (thriller, David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron) – This dark comedy thriller is about a business man whose trip to Mexico faces one disaster after another until he is a wanted fugitive. I’ll give this a shot. DVD Only

Thoroughbreds (comedy, Olivia Cooke, Anya Taylor Joy) – A dark comedy about a pair of teenage girls looking to fix their unsatisfactory lives. One of Anton Yelchin’s final movies. DVD Only

Freak Show (comedy, Alex Lawther, Abigail Breslin) – Teenager with a fashion flare goes to live with his father and faces less than tolerant classmates. DVD Only

Delirium (horror, Topher Grace, Patricia Clarkson) – After being released from a psychiatric facility, under house arrest, man has to figure out if mysterious happenings in his house are real. This is a good cast for a horror movie, I’ll see it. DVD Only

The Dating Project (documentary) – Examination of the new dating culture through the eperience of five individuals. DVD Only

The Debt Collector (action, Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor) – Gym owner becomes mob enforcer to pay the bills. DVD Only

Death Wish (2018) (action, Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio) – Revenge story – reboot of the 1974 original starring Charles Bronson. DVD Only

The Outsider (foreign drama, Arthur Dupont, Sabrina Ouazami) – French language story of a failing French bank before the 2008 financial crisis. DVD Only

Canada Streaming

Mr. D – Season 7 (comedy, Gerry Dee, Jonathan Torrens) – Trials and tribulations of a school teacher. Never heard of this Canadian TV show, but it’s 7 seasons strong! Instant Streaming Only, Canada

June 3rd

Amazon Prime Streaming

Lady Bird (dramedy, Saorise Ronan, Laurie Metcalf) – Laurie Metcalf alone is enough reason to see this coming of age Oscar nominated dramedy. Amazon Prime Instant Streaming (also available for Netflix DVD subscribers)

June 2nd


The Break With Michelle Wolf (comedy special) – I didn’t realize that this was an ongoing series, one per week. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

June 1st


The Flash – Season 4 (TV sci-fi, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton) – The CW’s The Flash is here on streaming, just a week after it finished airing. It has been renewed for a fifth season. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Busted! – Season 1 Finale (foreign TV game show, Yoo Jae-suk, Ahn Jae-wook) – The final episode of this Korean TV series inaugural season. It’s a mystery game show, so presumably we find out the answer to the mystery in this episode. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

November 13: Attack on Paris – Season 1 (docuseries) – Stories of the 2015 terror attack on Paris, told by survivors and first responders. It isn’t clear if this is a first season or a mini-series. Instant Streaming Only, downloadable

Outside In (drama, Jay Duplass, Edie Falco) – Terrific cast for this story of an ex-con trying to adjust to the outside world. This has been out on DVD for a couple of months, now it’s Instant Streaming Available, downloadable.

Singularity (sci-fi, John Cusack, Julian Schaffner) – I would usually be all in for John Cusack in the robot apocalypse, but it’s currently running a little over 2 stars. But maybe, since it’s now Available on Instant Streaming, downloadable.

The Boy (thriller, Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans) – I’ve seen this creeper about a couple who hires a nanny for their boy sized doll. It’s weird, but good. Instant Streaming Available, downloadable

Canada Streaming

The Indian Detective – Season 1 (TV dramedy, Russell Peters, Anupam Kher) – Suspended cop visiting family in Mumbai ends up working a case. This one has been available in the U.S. for a while, now it’s also on Instant Streaming Canada

W1A – Season 3 (comedy, Hugh Bonneville, Monica Dolan) – I’ve never heard of this British comedy about the BBC Head of Values (I also have no idea what that might be). But it’s streaming in Canada!

Amazon Prime Streaming

The Disaster Artist (dramedy, Dave Franco, James Franco) – I’m looking forward to seeing this one! I saw The Room, and it’s horrible, so I expect this to be quite funny. Amazon Prime Streaming (also available for Netflix DVD subscribers)


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