Netflix weekly update

What Are You Watching?

That’s right, I’m going on vacation. That’s why this week’s update of Everything Netflix is a little…voluminous. But have no fear! George is filling in for me next week and I’ll probably come back having watched half a dozen more complete TV series.

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Now, on to some highlights in the Netflix (and maybe a little Amazon) world this coming week!

Netflix Streaming

northern rescue poster smallNorthern Rescue – Season 1 (March 1st)

Well, it’s official. All the Baldwin brothers now look the same. In this series it’s William (formerly Billy) Baldwin playing a recent widower who moves his family back to his small hometown. He has three tween/teen kids, a sister, and a job as a search and rescue commander. They live in an aquarium (I don’t know, it’s in the trailer). This looks like a good family friendly series, at least for older kids – it looks like these teenagers are going to hit some rough patches.
the boy who harnessed the wind poster smallThe Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (March 1st)

This looks just awesome. It’s the real life story of 13-year-old William Kamkwamba who, from a science book, built a wind turbine. Okay, that’s incredible. But he also did so in Malawi in order to help save his village from famine. That gives me the chills. I put this on my list the minute I read the description.


Netflix DVD Subscribers

the favourite poster smallThe Favourite (March 5th)

Those of us who still get DVDs have our choice of two Oscar winning films this week! The first is this dramedy about Queen Anne’s 18th century royal court, with intrigue, rivalries and a significant amount of shenanigans. Olivia Colman won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Queen Anne and gave a funny and wonderful and genuine acceptance speech (seriously go watch it – not as good as Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing, but very sweet nonetheless). This has gone into my queue’s top ten.





free solo poster smallFree Solo (March 5th)

This is wild! Alex Honnold, a clearly insane but determined and ridiculously dexterous person, climbed up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park with no ropes, no spikes, no equipment of any kind. It’s called free climbing and just thinking about it gives me vertigo. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch this Oscar winning documentary about his climb, though. I might need a Dramamine, but that seems like less of an obstacle than CLIMBING A HUGE CLIFF WITH ONLY YOUR FINGERS AND TOES. Amazing.

Amazon Prime Video

the widow poster smallThe Widow – Season 1 (March 1st)

This is an Amazon PrimeĀ  Video Original starring Kate Beckinsale as a woman who goes in search of her missing husband in the Congo. Of course, she discovers a lot of secrets and mysteries and that her husband is not quite who she thought he was. I wonder if titling it The Widow is kind of a spoiler – I mean is he missing or dead? I guess I won’t know until I start watching. Which I will.