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What Are You Watching?

How much more snow can this month dump on us, the poor, weary shovelers of the world? Honestly, I don’t have anywhere to put it anymore. So my protest will be to curl up with things that make me laugh so I can avoid looking out the window. Let’s see what Netflix can do for me! Our Everything Netflix page has been updated with the newest releases. We have Streaming dates, DVD releases, and some Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix Canada dates as well! Something for everyone, that’s our motto.

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Here are some highlights for the upcoming week:

Netflix Streaming

paddleton poster smallPaddleton (February 22nd)

I really like Mark Duplass – have ever since his very first movie, The Puffy Chair – and Ray Romano (IMHO) has gotten better with each year he has aged. Everybody Loves Raymond seems a long time ago and great performances in things like The Big Sick and Men of a Certain Age really make me look forward to seeing his movies. This one is a dark comedy about a man with a terminal cancer diagnosis looking for someone to help him commit suicide. It seems like terrible material for a comedy, but I’m really looking forward to see what these two actors come up with.

workin moms poster smallWorkin’ Moms – Season 1 (February 22nd)

This new-to-Netflix Canadian series is about a group of new moms headed back to work after maternity leave. Will things go smoothly? I suspect not. I remember those early days with kids well, so I’m hoping this series gets the challenges and joys of new parenting right, and makes it funny. There are three seasons of this show already, if it’s good I’ll be on the lookout for the other two. Hopefully Canada understands my winter blues and will come through with a strong outing.

Netflix DVD Release

can you ever forgive me poster smallCan You Ever Forgive Me? (February 20th)

So this one is more of a dramedy, and I’m really looking forward to it. Melissa McCarthy plays the lead role in this biopic about Lee Israel, who published profiles of famous women – actresses, journalists, business leaders – in the 1970s and 80s. When she found herself unable to get gigs anymore she turned to forgery, helped by a close friend. McCarthy, Richard E. Grant as the fellow forger, and the screenwriters (Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty) all nabbed Oscar noms for this movie.

Netflix Canada/Hulu

shadowhunters poster smallShadowhunters: The Immortal Instruments – Season 3b (February 26th)

Fine, this is not a comedy, but who doesn’t love some good demon hunting fantasy escapism??? I know I do. This Freeform TV (formerly ABC Family) original is about a girl whose mother disappears, after which she takes up hunting demons, as one does. Netflix Canada Streaming carries all three season, as does Hulu in the U.S. Unfortunately, it is not available at all on Netflix U.S., so some of us will have to either try to catch reruns or take the plunge and get a Hulu subscription. I get mine along with my Spotify Premium subscription for about $5 extra a month. It’s worth it just for Killing Eve.



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