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It’s that time of the week, everyone! Our Everything Netflix page has been updated with the newest releases. We have Streaming dates, DVD releases, and some Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix Canada dates as well! Something for everyone, that’s our motto.

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Here are some highlights for Valentine’s week. I’m choosing the Valentine-y ones, so are they highlights or lowlights? I’ll let you decide:

Netflix Streaming

Dating Around PosterDating Around – Season 1 (February 14th)

A brand new reality show with single people searching for someone to have a second date with. So the format is that each week has one person go on five first dates and then choose one person for a second date. This is Netflix’s first foray into the Bachelor-esque world of dating shows, so maybe they can go a little deeper into what it means to be single and looking for romance? I’m a skeptic, but I’ll give it a shot.




the breaker upperers posterThe Breaker Upperers (February 15th)

This New Zealand comedy is about a pair of women who will do your breaking up for you, in some sort of ruthless and very final way. The trailer is pretty funny and it’s executive produced by Taika Waititi, who brought us the brilliant Hunt for the Wilderpeople and the (IMHO) best Marvel movie – Thor: Ragnarok. It may be a love it or hate it, but I’m definitely watching it.


Netflix DVD Release

a star is born poster smallA Star is Born (February 20th)

Another one with a lot of critical buzz, and certainly fits our romantic theme this week. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper even won a Grammy for the song Shallow. This is one I missed in theaters (like I miss pretty much everything) but it’s now at the top of my DVD queue. Check out Mrs. Norman Maine’s review here.



Amazon Prime Video

lorena posterLorena – Limited Series (February 15th)

Okay fine, this is not the slightest bit romantic, but I’m throwing it in for some irony. It’s the story of the infamous Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt marital discord that resulted in a lost, erm, appendage. I know, I know, why do we need that? The obvious answer is that we don’t, not at all.



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