Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Love Is Mad. So Is She (Who is Harley Quinn?)

Harleen Quinzel: Never again. No more obsession, no more craziness, no more Joker. I finally ...
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Sense8 – Season 1

Netflix Original Binge Main Cast: Naveen Andrews, Jamie Clayton Directors: Various Damn, I love Netflix ...
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Games of Thrones Binge-O-Rama

Late to the Party.  Pour me more wine! I fully realize that the rest of ...
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shameless intertitle

Shameless Netflix Binge

Seriously, I'm Binge Watching Shameless I don't know how many of you have heard of ...
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Fargo TV Intertitle

Fargo – The Series

Seriously? Who could have possible thought this was a good idea?  Basing a TV series ...
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Netflix Logo

Netflix Binge Tips for the Addicted

200 Episodes in One Week! If you're a TV watcher and you have access to ...
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The Killing Intertitle

Resurrecting The Killing

Season 3 Kills...Again When it was first announced that AMC had cancelled The Killing, I ...
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Breaking Bad Logo

Breaking Bad – Final Episodes

Heisenberg wraps it up. I love Breaking Bad.  I avoided watching it for years, thinking ...
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What Not to Wear Logo

What Not to Wear – Final Season

Goodbye, Stacy and Clinton.  Sob. Just a little reminder that What Not to Wear begins ...
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RIP graphic

Mourning Finn Hudson

Glee Star's Death Strikes a Nerve I admit, I'm a sucker for a production number.  ...
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Hoarding Buried Alive Intertitle

Hoarding: Buried Alive – Where Are They Now?

Life after the dumpster Or maybe some people always need a dumpster?  As Hoarding: Buried ...
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Mad Men Season 5 is Streaming on Netflix!

Finally! Well, it seems to have taken forever, but Mad Men Season 5 is finally ...
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Oscar Icon

Oscar Post Mortem 2013

Bests, Worsts and Winners Yeah, I know.  If you cared you watched them.  If you ...
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Kevin Spacey by Sarah Ackerman

Netflix Series House of Cards Debuts February 1st

I'm Excited!  Sort of... It's no secret that I am devoted to my Netflix.  I ...
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More American Horror Story

Can it possibly get scarier? Oh, I think it can.  The Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy ...
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Hoarders Shakes It Up

Season 6 Opener Showcases New Features It's back!  The primo TV hoarding show, A&E's Hoarders, ...
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AMC Kills The Killing

Awesome Show, Limited Lifespan AMC is currently the king of cable.  Mad Men, The Walking ...
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RIP Andy Griffith

How Andy Griffith Saved the Superbowl I wasn't born when the first episode of The ...
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2012 Golden Globe Winners

One MAJOR Surprise! Fine, it's not an awards surprise.  But I did watch the show.  ...
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Norman: The Saddest Hoarder Of Them All

I thought I was becoming immune... You know, I can't tell anymore what season of ...
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