Mitch Rapp Movie Coming, Says Vince Flynn

Update – 6/8/2011

New information about the upcoming Mitch Rapp movie!


Vince Flynn fans may finally get the author’s work on film if former Warners honcho Lorenzo di Bonaventura has his way.  The author told Good Morning Minnesota this week that multiple screenplay drafts have been written and casting could begin in days.

Flynn is a wildly popular author of political thrillers that regularly land on The New York Times’ bestseller list. In just the last three years, two of those books topped the fiction charts and all have been best sellers. That’s a great track record for an author who didn’t take no for an answer and self-published his first book.

CBS Films, trying to break into the see-saw feature film world, optioned Flynn’s novel Consent to Kill three years ago.  That may seem like a long time ago, but is only a moment in the chaotic world of film production.

The story traces an Al-Qaeda attempt to detonate a nuclear weapon in Washington. If that sounds like a plot you might have seen on 24, learning that the author served several weeks as a story consultant for the hit Fox show that went off the air this year won’t surprise you. Kiefer Sutherland’s Monday night shoot-’em-up knew a thing or two about suspense.

Mitch Rapp in the Flesh

Mitch Rapp is the hero of many of Flynn’s books, including Consent to Kill. Fans across the Internet have been buzzing about choosing an actor to play Flynn’s  counter-terrorist agent. Most sources suggest the casting decision will be between Colin Farrell and Gerard Butler.   Sue wrote about casting Mitch Rapp just over two months ago.

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Both are great choices.  Farrell and Butler are handsome guys who can scruff up to play Mitch Rapp blending into the scenery.  My personal vote is for Butler who has amazing eyes and can switch from Guy in Supermarket to Guy with Pistol.   Yeah, I know his birth certificate doesn’t say USA, you xenophobes.   Neither does Hugh Laurie’s.  Anyone believe Dr. House is the guy from Jeeves and Wooster?

The Rapp on Consent To Kill’s Director

When I wrote about Consent to Kill in April, I immediately dropped in an extended YouTube clip of Denzel’s Oscar winning performance in Training Day and gave a shout to Fuqua and Lemkin’s Shooter with Danny Glover and Mark Wahlberg. Yes, I called him Marky Mark.  Old habits die hard.

Antoine Fuqua, tabbed for almost a year to direct Consent to Kill, is going to direct his way to an Oscar stage one day.  He is that good a director.  He won’t get there with CTK although I thought he had a shot with this year’s talent-laden Brooklyn’s Finest.

The Money Man and The Writer

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is the lead producer on this project.   That will undoubtedly thrill Flynn fans because he knows how to get action films done (the Transformer series and GI Joe, which he is hereby forgiven for) as well as series (Ludlum and Stephen King are targets of his).

Lorenzo played with whimsy in Stardust, which wasn’t his fault because Neil Gaiman stories are notoriously difficult to film.  He also brought Angeline Jolie a reprieve with Salt.

di Bonaventura has snared Jonathan Lemkin to adapt Vince Flynn’s novel.  Lemkin wrote The Devil’s Advocate, which featured one of  my favorite underrated plot twists,  as well as Shooter, which was directed by…yup, Antoine Fuqua.

Expect explosions.  Expect plot twists.  Expect grittiness that Bourne films lack.

Consent to Kill Looks Like A Go

Vince Flynn once redacted “rendition” and told Good Morning Minnesota last week that he often is given tips.  A Twin Cities resident, Presidents Clinton and Bush are supposed readers.  Flynn shared some great anecdotes, including Laura Bush telling her husband to stop asking about his sources.  He’s also been at the White House four times, which is three times more than I have, and I’ve lived near it for a few decades. He even talks about sharing cigars and drinks with the King of Jordan.

The big news for Rapp fans?  I’ll quote Flynn.   “We’re getting close [to a Rapp film]. We were on the 1-inch line last February, then we backed up to the 10 yard line and now we’re at the 1 yard line.”

(Translation for non-football fans. It sounds like my Redskins, but yes)

Flynn finished by saying the fifth revision (c’mon, Lemkin!) of the script was due on August 27 and casting could begin after Labor Day.

More about Consent to Kill:

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  • Anonymous

    I know he’s a fan favorite, but I’m not entirely convinced about Butler. It is good to see that Matthew Fox is out of the running – he doesn’t seem right at all. But I think Ferrell would be awesome.

  • George Bounacos

    One thing I’ve learned about casting is that until someone signs on and shooting starts, anyone can be in any role. Mitch Rapp could be Matthew Fox, Redd Foxx or the Fantastic Mr. Fox at this point.

    “Oh no, not Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in Batman. They’ll be horrible!”

  • Halle

    If Butler isn’t cast as Rapp, I won’t see the film. Reading Consent to Kill, Butler was who I saw in the role.

  • linda

    If not Butler, I will not see it either..

  • Hsimpsonjr

    Colin Farrell would be to short to play the role but he could pull it off. I think Butler would be the best choice. Not perfect, mind you. The guy who played in the last Punisher movie would be great. He’s probably too old now, though.

  • Fungwu64

    If Butler can channel some of the presence he had in 300 I think he could do a great job. His recent movies have been pretty weak.

  • Mad2na2

    100 percent G. Butler !!!!! All these other actors are to sissy Lala !!!! Butler is Rapp !!!

  • Mad2na2

    BUTLER is RAPP !!!! if any other actor plays RAPP this ruin the movie !!!

  • Mad2na2


  • rj

    Carter Macyntire could pull off Mitch Rapp.

  • deborah stanley

    I’m thinking the actor who played Alceed the werewolf on “True Blood” would be awesome as Mitch Rapp. He’s not as well known as some of the other possibles, but has the dark, tall and brooding look I visualize when I read the Flynn books.

  • Mrbear89

    my thought would be the actor who plays Steve McGarret on the new Hawaii Five-O, Alex O’loughlin.

  • Chipper6382

    I have read all of Mr Flynn’s books and each one is better than the last. I think Consent to Kill would be an outstanding movie.

  • adolphe menjou

    That would be Joe Manganiello. An excellent choice. Right build. Right look. A bit on the tall side at 6’5″. Able to execute the look and demeanor of a special operator. A good emerging actor with a lot of talent. Most of the successful action movie franchises were launched with actors that were unknown or only somewhat known at their inception. Hollywood will of course cast a too old, too typecast and totally wrong actor in this part. Remember the first Jack Ryan was Alec Baldwin–an excellent choice), and the last was Ben Affleck who was hyperbolic and loud in the role.

  • George Bounacos

    Excellent point about casting unknowns in action figure roles. Matt Damon’s Bourne was the exception, not the rule, and still can’t match Ludlum’s book.

    And I love your comparison to Alec Baldwin playing Jack Ryan. I was flipping around the other night, saw Connery’s Scot-Russian sub captain and was shocked at how “secret-agent-man” Baldwin looked. I had forgotten just how good he looked in that role–almost too handsome.

  • Saint Michael

    G. Butler for sure! Colin Farrel is too short and doesn’t have a thick enough body style. Besides, when I watch him act it looks like he’s acting.I can also see the guy that did the Punisher movie also!! There isn’t even a competition between G. Butler and Farrel, no way. Look at Butler’s beard in “300” now imagine him on the streets in the middle east on an “OP” with a hijab on his head! I just hope they follow the character’s eccentricities as closely to the book at possible.

  • David

    Matthew Fox or John Hamm…. although I could see Butler as well. (Just a little thick..remember Rapp was a Tri-athlete)

  • Anonymous

    Y’all should be heading on over to vote in the poll – let’s see who comes out in the top 3!

  • JmccabeVA

    Eric Bana as Mitch Rapp (From “The Time Traveler’s Wife”) Has all the features.

  • Anonymous

    Go toss in a vote for him!! There’s a link to the poll at the bottom of the post.

  • Curtis

    Alex O’Laughlin from Hawaii Five-Oh would be perfect as Mitch Rapp. similar height, body style, roughness, attitude. Just my opinion but thats my top choice.

  • Anonymous

    Did you write him in over on the poll? Last link in the piece above will take you over there. Remember to comment with his name – he’s come up a couple of times!

  • Polishchris

    Jeremy Renner? From hurt locker and the town? I think he’d be a good rapp

  • Joe

    Jeff Donovan (Burn Notice)

  • Johnp5813

    The only person who can pull off the Rapp character is Liam Neison! have any of you seen Taken? His portrayal of an ex-CIA Agent was absolute brilliance. He is the only actor I’ve not seen listed who can pull this character off. Although some of these other names may be able to pull off the look they will not pull off the character itself. Now I have to say Flynn made a huge mistake in the first place bringing this great story to Hollywood in the first place. They are going to ruin this story, character, series. Mr. Flynn should have gone to the cable channels like Showtime, HBO, or Cinemax as they have put out some great year long series which would allow all the books and the complete character of Rapp to be justly showed.

  • Johnp5813

    Thats just ridiculous. He’s a comedic actor who has nothing close to the acting skills it takes to play Mitch Rapp!!!

  • Johnp5813

    He has too much of a baby face to play Rapp.

  • Johnp5813

    What is wrong with you people? No one from that ridiculous show is any good. They are TV actors and don’t have what it takes for this movie. Which shouldn’t be a movie any way as Hollywood is going to ruin it!

  • Johnp5813

    I do hope it ends up being Eric Bana if they don’t realize how good Liam Neison will play the role.

  • Johnp5813

    I agree with Butler or Bana, (more so Bana) either could do a good job, but I think the best actor for for the Job is Liam Neison from Taken. He was excellent in that movie and could pull off all the characteristics of Mitch Rapp better than any of these others that have been suggested. It would take changing his look somebut he is the guy for the job!!!

  • Terry

    Kiefer Sutherland as Mitch Rapp FTW!!!

  • Jbpd

    I recently got done reading all of the Vince Flynn books and swear to all holy god that if they put that douchey skeesbag Colin Ferrell in as the great Mitch Rapp I’m gonna freakin croak. Colin has F’d up every movie he’s touched with the exceptions of Tigerland and In Bruge both of which are better than average but not great. What about Mark Rufallo (he’s got the look or at least could get it if he toned up some) although he may not have the range acting wise. Clive Owen or John Hamm would even be better than Colin Ferrell. Or how about someone who actually looks like he could go undercover in the middle east. I mean why not find a good unknown actor and build the franchise on him…lord knows there’s enough material. Colin Ferrell as a deep cover agent in the middle east…please….might as well cast Kevin Federline. Gerard Butler, okay I guess. He may not fit the look I imagnined but he could definetly play a bad ass. Just as important as who plays Rapp is who directs the film. If they pawn it off on some half ass director with who has never been engrossed in the stories and see’s it soley as a vehical to get his name out there we could end up with either a lame one liner fest or even worse a Michael Bay disaster.

  • Jbpd

    or how about Eric Bana?

  • Lyndanne

    Memorial day is the Nuclear bomb book, Consent to kill is when Mitch’s wife is killed.. get the books right before writing the movies please!!!

  • lyndanne

    Funny I’ve read the entire seriers dozen of times.. new book comes out reread all… Vince Flynn (with Dark contacts and longer hair) would make the perfectly looking Mitch Rapp LOL Butlers eyes are wrong.. and the fake american accept I don’t like

  • lyndanne

    Deborah.. I love that one!!! Now if you could do casting who would be Coleman (another of my FAV charactors… and wicker… and Kennedy

  • lyndanne

    Liam Neison is to old… Sorry, but would definately fit personality wise

  • lyndanne

    Okay a little out there but what about Adrian Grenier? I know I know but looks wise not bad.

  • Jermadelatorre

    Butler looks too soft for this role, besides he doesn’t have the American accent. Mark Wahlberg in the shooter fits the role to a T